Kuoni Travel – An Extensive and Longstanding Commitment to Climate Protection

Kuoni Switzerland has been working closely with myclimate on climate protection matters since 2007. The Kuoni brands take responsibility by calculating all CO₂ emissions from business trips and providing commensurate funding for climate protection projects. Employees are made aware of climate protection issues and guests are offered the option to voluntarily offset their CO₂ emissions by paying a climate protection contribution.

Kuoni Travel expressed a desire to support projects with a link to tourism. As a result, two projects in Bali were developed together with myclimate: 

  • Composting in Bali: The climate protection project composts organic waste that previously had to be landfilled. This avoids methane emissions from landfill and produces high-quality compost. Since aerobic composting does not produce methane emissions, a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved.
  • Biodiesel from used oil in Bali: Thanks to the climate protection project on the vacation island of Bali, a plant has been installed that converts used oil from the tourism sector into biodiesel. The introduction of a local collection system of used oil will support the development of organized disposal, create jobs for the local population and reduce CO₂ by replacing fossil fuel with biodiesel from the project. The project was initiated by Caritas Switzerland and is a cooperation between Caritas, Kuoni Travel Ltd and myclimate.


The myclimate climate protection projects currently being supported include energy-efficient cook stoves in Kakamega, Kenya.   

The Foundation myclimate presented the myclimate award for outstanding commitment to climate protection for the first time in Germany at ITB 2012. Kuoni was one of the winners, with the former Kuoni Travel Holding, based in Zurich, receiving the award for “Pioneer – exclusive climate protection project for CO₂ compensation contributions”. At ITB 2018, the award was won by Kuoni specialist tour operator Kontiki Reisen. The climate protection contributions made by Kontiki customers via Kontiki have increased tenfold since 2015. This is largely down to the active efforts by employees to discuss the subject with customers and inform them about the myclimate climate protection project supported by Kontiki. Since 2020, the Kuoni brands have had their own group-wide label for responsible travel enjoyment in the form of “engage – people & planet”. The climate protection contribution is included in engage trips.  

From the 2023/24 winter season, Kuoni specialist tour operator Kontiki Reisen will offer its customers on Kontiki direct flights the additional option to purchase Sustainable Aviation Fuels and reduce their CO2 emissions. A fact sheet has been prepared for Kuoni Sales & Marketing with information about this and the Green Fare, to raise employee awareness. Thanks to Kuoni rail travel specialist Railtour, Kuoni can offer train travel across all its brands. 

For more information on the commitment of Kuoni brands to climate protection, visit: Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus - Kuoni Reisen (in German and French only) 


myclimate stands for credibility, quality and transparency. The climate protection foundation makes climate protection concrete and measurable, and is often a pioneer in this regard. The climate protection projects developed by myclimate don’t just reduce CO2 emissions, they also make a valuable contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Kuoni brands share this overall vision and value the longstanding, solution-oriented partnership of equals.

Emma Arvidsson, Head Corporate Responsibility

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