Mobility Car Sharing – On the way to climate neutrality

Since 2006 Mobility customers have been able to offset their CO₂ emissions on a voluntary basis through carbon offset projects run by myclimate. Sustainability is rooted deep in Mobility’s DNA: those who share vehicles instead of owning them outright are making an efficient use of resources and conserving our environment. The cooperative has always strived to reduce the emissions of its car sharing fleet. In the course of modernising their operations, the company has pledged to switch a fully electric fleet that is entirely driven by renewable energy by 2030.

Mobility is making a clear and vocal statement for climate protection: the long-term goal is to become a fully climate-neutral company by 2040. To achieve this goal, among other measures, the complete Mobility fleet will be electric and fully driven by renewable energy by 2030.

In addition, since 2020 the cooperative has been working even more closely with myclimate and is now taking part in the «Cause We Care» initiative. This allows Mobility customers to offset their CO2 emissions with a voluntary contribution of 3 centimes per kilometre driven. At the same time, they are supporting Mobility’s efforts towards electromobility. Alongside offsetting travel-based carbon offsetting, a portion of the customer contributions will now go directly towards building a climate-friendly Mobility fleet powered by renewable energy. In addition, Mobility will match all contributions from users, thereby achieving double the impact for climate protection.

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