Offsetting for corporate clients

myclimate calculates your company’s emissions on an annual basis using the software “myclimate smart 3”. The amount of CO₂ emitted can be offset by the same quantity in high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects.

As a corporate customer of myclimate, we are the only climate protection foundation in Switzerland to offer you individualised offsetting options. You can chose the projects you would like to support with your compensation:

  • You can offset in predefined portfolios.
  • You can compile individualised portfolios.
  • You can select a specific project.
  • You can have exclusive, customised projects developed.




This choice provides you with many exciting connection points:

  • You can choose a project from a country in which you have a branch.
  • A project can be connected with your company’s activities.
  • You can support a project from a country from which you obtain raw materials.
  • You can offset in projects along your supply chain.
    Insetting in the supply chain


Please note that not all projects listed under climate protection projects are always available.

We would be happy to support you with your choice.

CO₂ calculator for websites

myclimate has developed not only simple online calculators (flight, car, household, donation) but also very detailed calculators (for companies and events). As well as calculating the CO₂ emissions, there is an entire shopping process linked to the calculators. Here, you can select a specific climate protection project to offset the emissions and there are various secure payment options.

Contact us if you would like myclimate to develop a calculator for your website!

Various options:

  • Calculator with Web frontend (standalone or iframe)
  • API connection for flight and car calculator 
  • Bulk calculator for flights and car journeys 
  • External link with passing of parameters 

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