Donations and payment information

Details for Switzerland, Germany and international

myclimate and myclimate Germany are charitable foundations and therefore tax-exempt in Switzerland and Germany. All compensation payments, donations and membership fees to myclimate are tax-deductible in all Swiss cantons and in Germany. You can download the regulations for each individual canton as well as the recognition as a charity by the German tax authority here and attach them to your tax return together with the confirmation of your donation or a payment receipt (copy of payment form or bank statement).

Download the tax exemption rules here.

Payment Details: Switzerland

myclimate foundation – The Climate Protection Partnership
Pfingstweidstrasse 10
CH-8005 Zürich

Swiss Post, PostFinance, 3030 Bern, Switzerland SWIFT Code: POFICHBE
Invoices to be paid within 30 days of receipt

Payments in CHF:
Account number: 87-500648-6, IBAN: CH22 0900 0000 8750 0648 6 

Payments in EUR: 
Account number: 91-377511-5, IBAN: CH35 0900 0000 9137 7511 5

Payments in USD:
Account number: 91-601158-2, IBAN: CH60 0900 0000 9160 1158 2 

Payments in GBP: 
Account number: 91-767175-1, IBAN: CH70 0900 0000 9176 7175 1 

Payment Details: Germany

myclimate Deutschland gGmbH 
Borsigstr. 6 
D-72760 Reutlingen 

IBAN: DE52 6405 0000 0000 0525 15
Kreissparkasse Reutlingen
Account number: 52515
BLZ: 640 500 00
Invoices to be paid within 30 days of receipt

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