Distribution of efficient Shower Heads in Switzerland

Project type: Energy Efficiency , Water (Purification & Saving)

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: In operation, exclusive

Annual CO₂ reduction: 5,000 t

The more efficient consumption of hot water as part of the nationwide climate protection programme "Hot Water Conservation Switzerland" (“Warmwasserersparen Schweiz”) is reducing climate-damaging CO₂ emissions, while simultaneously creating savings in energy and water costs.


litres warm water can be saved*


francs can be saved


litres heating oil can be saved

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This programme is primarily aimed at local authorities or companies such as energy supply companies (utilities) which want to help their customers or employees purchase a cheaper shower head for their home. 

Efficient shower heads are still not installed in all buildings due to initial costs and fear of reduced comfort levels or technical problems. myclimate has recognised this problem and developed a Switzerland-wide hot water saving programme. myclimate's many years of experience as a climate protection project developer shows that the spread of efficient shower heads can only be realised through a well-structured programme and additional financial support.


Gentle and tingly shower experience

The sub-programme "Distribution of efficient Shower Heads for Customer and Employee Campaign" is installing cheaper shower heads in private households with fossil-fuelled water heating systems. The smart shower heads reduce water consumption by 30-50 percent. The perceived comfort remains the same, as the soft shower spray is enriched with air, which creates a gentle and tingly shower experience. (The sub-programme "Free Water Economisers for Taps and Shower Heads" is installing water economisers in taps and shower heads in properties with fossil-fuelled hot water heating systems.)

The programme has been approved by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). Financing for the programme comes from revenues raised by selling emission reduction certifications to the Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Offset KliK. In order to calculate the exact CO₂ savings, the programme will be monitored for the next seven years. Only correctly installed sets are included in the CO₂ reduction calculations.

myclimate would be delighted to present the programme in detail to anyone who is interested and to work together to enable tailor-made participation. We look forward to get in contact with you!


*Possible savings:

The acquisition cost of a shower head at a cheaper price of 10 francs (instead of its retail price of 37.70 francs) is disproportionate to the annual savings. According to myclimate's calculations, installing an efficient shower head in a household of four people saves on average per year (incl. 25% burner, storage and pipe loss):

  • 65.- francs energy costs
  • > 75.- francs water costs (without cold water)
  • 800 kWh energy
  • 80 litres heating oil
  • 20,000 litres warm water (37°C) in the shower
  • 0.18 tonnes CO₂ (equals driving 1,400 km by car, 130gCO₂/km)


Situation without project

Higher Levels of Hot Water Consumption

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