Support Programme for Climate-friendly Greenhouse Heating in Switzerland

Ein Gewächshaus in der Schweiz

Project type: Biomass , Energy Efficiency

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: In operation, exclusive

Annual CO₂ reduction: 10'000 t CO2e

This carbon offset programme promotes switching from greenhouse heating with fossil fuels to heat generation with renewable resources. The goal of the funding programme is sustainable plant production through the reduction of carbon emissions due to the greenhouse heating. Greenhouse operations in Switzerland can avail themselves of the programme if a conversion takes place by 2027.

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Many industrial greenhouses in Switzerland extend their growing season by heating with fossil fuels, such as natural gas, heating fuel or propane. This carbon-offset programme promotes the replacement of environmentally harmful fuels with wood, heat pumps, or by connecting these technologies to a combined heating system. Through the financial support of greenhouse operations, the programme seeks to lower the high investment threshold for renewable heating systems. By reducing the use of fossil fuels, the greenhouse gas emissions of Swiss greenhouses caused by heating will be lowered. The carbon-offset programme is managed by the Foundation myclimate and DM Energieberatung AG. It is being implemented thanks to grants from Foundation KliK.


Consulting services and funding

Accredited ProCalor© advisers help the greenhouse operators develop a concept and variation study as well as with the subsequent programme registration. The carbon-offset programme assumes at least 25 per cent of study costs (programme participants assume 75 per cent). After the new heating system is successfully commissioned, the annual FOEN/SFOE-certified CO2 savings worth 115 francs per tonne of CO2 can be sold. An average annual income of 30,000 francs per hectare can be expected by the end of 2030.


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Submit the registration form to myclimate at the latest before you sign a service or sales contract for a heating system based on renewable resource. The detailed acceptance criteria can be found on the registration form. The normal procedure for registering for the funding programme involves the following steps:

  1. Request and mandate an accredited ProCalor© adviser to conducts a concept and variation study (see contacts below).
  2. Programme registration: Complete and sign the registration form, and submit it to myclimate together with the required documentation.
  3. After a provisional funding commitment, begin with detailed implementation planning and sign the funding contract between principal and myclimate.
  4. Sign the service or sale contract for the corresponding investment and forward a copy to myclimate.
  5. After successful commissioning, submit a copy of the commissioning report and the calibrated energy meter to myclimate.
  6. Provide the required monitoring data annually in accordance with the funding contract and receive the funding.


Enquiries and contacts

Enquiries regarding concept consultation can be made to the following accredited ProCalor© advisers:

  • German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino: DM Energieberatung AG, 056 444 25 55
  • French-speaking Switzerland: RWB Groupe SA, 058 220 39 40

Questions regarding programme registration and general questions regarding the carbon-offset programme:

  • Across Switzerland: Foundation myclimate, 044 500 43 50,


This programme contributes to 2 SDGs:

40,000 MWh of renewable heat will be generated annually.

10,000 t CO2 will be saved annually.

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Greenhouses are heated with fossil fuels

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