Future-proof Warmth from Nature: Funding Programm for heat Pumps in Switzerland

Project type: Energy Efficiency

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: In operation, exclusive

Annual CO₂ reduction: 1,600 t

The funding programme for heat pumps of myclimate supports homeowners with 2,000 Swiss francs if they replace their old oil or gas heating system with an energy efficient heat pump.

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Although the installation of a heat pump would be feasible and much more climate-friendly in most cases, two thirds of all home owners in Switzerland continue to opt for a new oil or gas heating system.

The main reason why many homeowners nevertheless do not choose a heat pump is probably the comparatively higher investment costs. However, it is often forgotten that the running costs for electricity and maintenance are significantly lower with a heat pump. The costs for oil or gas are completely omitted and so is the uncertainty, which so far accompanied the price development of the oil and gas prices. Therefore, the heat pump is a future-oriented and sustainable heating solution. Per installed heat pump, around 2000 litres of heating oil or 2000 cubic metres of natural gas are saved annually. With this step, every private household can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Are you a homeowner and would like to replace your old oil or gas heating soon? As a participants in the support programme, you receive a grant of CHF 2000 to replace your old oil or gas heating system with a heat pump (up to a capacity of 15 kilowatt hours). In this way, we would like to reduce the obstacle of the initial investment costs and make it easier for you to opt for a heat pump, while at the same time protecting the climate.

High Quality thanks to a quality standard

In order to guarantee the quality of the programme, only those heat pump systems developed in accordance with the quality standard Heat Pump System Module (HP System Module) will receive a subsidy. This standard was developed by the Swiss Heat Pump Association FWS and guarantees high energy efficiency and optimal processes. According to a study by SwissEnergy (EnergieSchweiz), this leads to an annual reduction of electricity costs by approx. 15%. The costs for the issuance of the certificate by the FWS in the amount of CHF 380 is waived when participating in the myclimate programme. The installer has to apply for the certification at the Swiss Heat Pump Association and requires a follow-up inspection by the supplier in the 2nd or 3rd year after commissioning of the heat pump. According to the FWS, this leads to maximum additional costs of approx. CHF 1'000 plus VAT (approx. CHF 200-500 for the application to the FWS by the installer and approx. CHF 350-500 for the follow-up inspection by the supplier). Generally, the additional expenditures for a HPSM pay off within a few years due to the lower operating costs of the heating system (lower electricity consumption) and fewer service visits.

In principle, any heating installation company with trained specialists can plan and install heat pump systems according to HP-system module. Please refer to the list of qualified installers for especially qualified installation companies. Alternatively, please contact your installer and discuss the possibility of a heat pump system module certification. Interested installers will find further information here.

By the way: If you obtain the electricity for your heat pump from renewable energy sources, the environmental footprint of the heat pump is even better.

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We support heat pumps up to 15kW thermal heating capacity, which replace a heating system using fuel oil or natural gas and which do no qualify for any state subsidy (For larger heating capacity of 15kW-400kW, please navigate to our support programme heat pumps for apartment buildings). Please visit the page of Energiefranken to check whether you may receive a state subsidy. The subsidy in the myclimate funding programme is only valid for the replacement of oil or natural gas heating systems. Electric heating systems and other types of heating are excluded from the programme. The procedure of the subsidy program is as follows (details can be found in the application form):

  1. Complete, sign and submit the registration form together with receipts for fuel consumption to myclimate before awarding the contract to the installer.
  2. After myclimate has provisionally approved the funding, award the contract to the installer and have the heat pump installed. The installer then submits the documents for certification to the Swiss Heat Pump Association.
  3. Myclimate receives the certificate (“Anlagezertifikat”) directly from the Swiss Heat Pump Association and initiates the payment (confirmed via email to the homeowner).


Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us, Tel. +41 44 500 43 50.

Please refer to topten.ch for the most efficient WPSM-certified heat pumps.

Would you like to replace your electric boiler with a heat pump boiler? Click here for the promotion programme of Energie Zukunft Schweiz.

Did you know that...?

Thanks to participation in the funding programme for heat pumps, you...

  • receive CHF 2000 when replacing an old oil or natural gas heating.
  • Install a high quality heat pump system, which is 15 percent more energy efficient than a plant without heat pump system module and thus reduces maintenance costs.
  • reduce the CO₂ output of your heating system.
  • contribute to climate action and engage for future generations.


This project contributes to 2 SDGs:

691 heat pumps funded.

592,335 litres of heating oil and 37,573 cubic metres of natural gas saved.

Situation without project

64% of all oil and gas units are being replaced by an other fossil heating unitg

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