myclimate seeks school classes for the Energy Challenge

Once again this year, 24 classes took part in the Energy Challenge at muba in Basel. Around 450 students made every effort to win the energy saving competition. 2560 energy pledges were gathered from passers-by, approx. 250 Watt-hours of electricity were generated by pedalling on bicycles, sustainable snacks were purchased, recycling records were beaten and many energy saving tips were photographically recorded. School classes can register for the Energy Challenge at the Comptoire in Lausanne and the Züspa in Zurich from mid-June.

Teamwork is crucial. School classes are struggling to produce electricity at the muba 2018.

myclimate will be an education partner for the <link https: _blank external-link external link in current>Energy Challenge once again in 2018. The Energy Challenge is an initiative from <link https: home.aspx _blank external-link external link in current>EnergieSchweiz. The aim is to address energy saving potentials and the use of renewable energy in a playful way. With the competition for school children at the Energy Challenge, myclimate has created an interactive offering for school classes in middle school (years 4-6).

Register your class for the Energy Challenge 2018 at the <link https: _blank external-link external link in current>Comptoire in Lausanne from 17-21 September or for the <link https: _blank external-link external link in current>Züspa in Zurich from 1-5 October.

<link https: fuer-lehrpersonen energy-challenge _blank external-link external link in current>Registration

The Energy Challenge at muba

The Energy Challenge competition for school classes took place once again in the Energy Village of EnergieSchweiz at <link https: _blank external-link external link in current>muba, at the end of April. The varied activities give the students the opportunity to learn in a playful way what it means to use energy responsibly. Around 450 students from 24 classes took part in the Energy Challenge in Basel in 2018.

In smaller groups they played various roles with tricky challenges. The students worked up a sweat, their fighting spirit was awakened, with each group doing their best to win as many points as possible for their class. Who can purchase the most climate friendly snack? How much electricity can be generated by riding a bike for 2 minutes? Who can build the tallest tower out of waste and who can recycle even under time pressure? How can climate tips be explained easily with a photo?

The challenge developed into a real competition due to the children’s ambition, and the joy of winning was correspondingly great. The prize draw among the winning classes in the ENERGY CHALLENGE 2018 at muba was won by year 4 of <link http: home bildungswesen primarschule-und-kindergarten _blank external-link external link in current>Schönenbuch primary school. Congratulations!

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