Coop – CO₂ avoidance in the supply chain

Through international projects, Coop has been initiating, financing and offsetting with the aim of climate protection and sustainability since 2007. Since 2017 Coop has been intentionally funding projects within its own supply chain in Switzerland, to the benefit of farmers and processors who produce for the group’s own sustainable brands Naturaplan and Miini Region.

On the initiative of Coop, myclimate joined forces with WWF and Bio Suisse to set up three of its own local climate protection projects in Switzerland. Partners to these climate protection projects are organic (Bio Suisse) Swiss farmers and processors, as well as regional farmers and processors for Miini Region. As a result, Coop is now implementing some of its own climate compensation projects along the supply chain and directly within Switzerland. The fact that a Swiss retailer is thus fostering small, but sustainably oriented businesses in Switzerland and contributing to climate protection at the same time is exemplary and pioneering.


Biogas programme

Climate protection funds flow into the construction of small biogas plants, which reduce methane emissions from livestock. The energy produced is fed into the grid and the heat is used in the fermentation process and for heating, while the remaining fermentation slurry contains a high level of nutrients and is therefore ideal for use as a fertilizer. Read more about the biogas programme.


Agroforestry programme

The programme supports the planting of wild fruit and trees for timber alongside standard fruit trees in rows on meadows or farmland. If nurtured properly, the trees can be used for fruit and timber production. Read more about the agroforestry programme.


Compost programme

Manure is processed through composting to create fertilizer. This gives new life to depleted soils and supports the growth of plants, while reducing methane emissions from manure at the same time. Read more about the compost programme.

Coop funds and initiates the programme as part of Taten-statt-Worte, meaning “actions not words”. myclimate is responsible for the project management and execution. WWF also ensures the highest sustainability requirements and Bio Suisse supports the project with its expertise and contacts among organic farmers.

Along with the domestic CO₂ compensation, we now want to facilitate projects within our value-creation chain in Switzerland that will make a contribution towards climate protection. 

Bruno Cabernard, Head of sustainability at Coop

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