Lufthansa, Swiss and Edelweiss get ready for the Future

Parent company Deutsche Lufthansa AG and its subsidiaries Swiss and Edelweiss – all companies belonging to the Lufthansa Group – offer their passengers the chance to offset their flight emissions or support Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for a surcharge. In addition, the airline group tries to keep its own emissions as low as possible through various measures.

The Lufthansa Group considers curbing and reducing emissions to be a central task of the travel industry. Travellers should also be able to contribute by offsetting their own CO2 emissions. That’s why Swiss, Lufthansa and Edelweiss have created booking platforms where everyone can offset their emissions. The airlines have the long-term goal of making their fleets and companies more ecological and thus reducing CO2 as a whole.

In addition to offsetting calculators, the airlines are all trying to reduce their own emissions by renewing their fleets, as well as through other measures, such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). SAF is synthetic jet fuel that creates 80% less CO2 than normal jet fuel. Via the platform Compensaid, Swiss and Lufthansa customers can voluntarily pay a surcharge for SAF, which is more expensive than normal jet fuel at this time. This is a way to reduce emissions sustainably and complement classic offsetting via myclimate carbon offset projects. The air carriers’ multi-faceted measures also include emissions for their own business flights and sustainable offers for B2B clients. The aviation group is thus attempting to integrate sustainability and climate protection at all levels.


The platform has been online since 2007. Customers can determine their emissions easily there and offset them via myclimate carbon offset projects. In addition to classic offsetting via myclimate carbon offset projects, passengers can determine the price of the surcharge on the platform to upgrade from regular fossil fuel to SAF and pay this additional fee when booking. The passengers also decide on the share of SAF and the offsetting amount themselves. CO2 emissions can be prevented efficiently in both ways.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG has been offsetting business and special flights completely via myclimate carbon offset projects for a long time. Lufthansa also continues to expand its B2B offering.


The offsetting platform has been online since 2007. Swiss customers can offset the CO2 emissions of their flights there via myclimate carbon offset projects. In addition to offsetting via myclimate carbon offset projects, Swiss passengers can support Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for an additional fee at A combination of both offerings (offsetting and SAF) can be selected proportionally.

Just like Lufthansa, Swiss offsets its business and special flights via myclimate carbon offset projects. The Swiss airline also offers a wide range of offsetting options to its own B2B customers. The percentage of passengers taking advantage of the offsetting options on the platform has been growing continuously over recent years.

SWISS is going to great lengths to make flight operations as efficient as possible. Voluntary carbon offsetting through our longstanding partner myclimate is an additional measure that enables us and our customers to reduce unavoidable CO2 emissions effectively elsewhere.

Melanie Heiniger, External Affairs SWISS


Edelweiss integrated an offsetting option directly into its booking platform in 2019. Passengers can calculate their individual CO₂ footprint directly during the booking process and select the offsetting option voluntarily with a simple click. In contrast to other airlines, Edelweiss customers are able to offset their flight emissions directly while booking their tickets.

An evaluation before the coronavirus pandemic from 2019 shows that passengers made frequent use of these offsetting options. Whereas the conversion rate for conventional standalone emission calculators was under 1%, it was 4.6% on the Edelweiss booking portal. This can be traced back to the direct integration of the offsetting options in the booking platform, which is very user friendly and less complicated.

Edelweiss also offsets its internal business flights completely via myclimate carbon offset projects. The following carbon offset projects are directly supported by Edelweiss:

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