Energizing India using Solar Energy

Project type: Solar

Project location: India, Karnataka and Rajasthan

Project status: In operation, credits available

Annual emission reduction of the whole project: 814,385 t CO2

The main purpose of this project is to generate clean forms of electricity through renewable solar energy sources replacing greenhouse gas emissions.  

This project involves the installation of a 100 MW solar power project in Karnataka and 330 MW solar power project in Rajasthan. The project replaces anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG’s) estimated to be 814,385 tCO2e per year, thereon displacing 864,619 MWh/year amount of electricity from the generation-mix of power plants connected to the Indian Grid, which is dominated mainly by fossil fuels. 

The scenario existing prior to the implementation of the project is that electricity would have been generated by the operation of grid-connected power plants. Otherwise, in this project activity there is no consumption of any fossil fuel and hence the project does not lead to any greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, electricity is generated through sustainable means without causing any negative impact on the environment.  

Additionally, the project activity benefits the nearby villagers by providing employment opportunities, improvements in transportation and economic development in the area. Moreover, it strengthens skills and knowledge within the local communities through training in technology and monitoring of the plant operation, as well as emergency and safety procedures. 


This project contributes to 3 SDGs (as of end 2021):

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The following SDGs are verified by the Gold Standard:

By October 2021 it has achieved 312,449.13 MWh (megawatt hour).

By 2021 it has employed 128 people and provided 17 training courses. 

By 2021 it has reduced 294,294 tCO2e.  

Situation without project

Electricity would have been provided to the grid by more greenhouse gas intensive means.


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