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Companies can adopt a climate strategy from myclimate to significantly reduce their climate impact and achieve their net-zero targets in the longer term. myclimate's climate strategy consulting is modular and takes place in several steps. The climate strategy forms the base for the strategic integration of climate protection in the company in line with myclimate’s three guiding principles: “avoid, reduce, finance ”.

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Climate strategy
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Comprehensive climate strategy consulting from myclimate provides companies with the tools to achieve their reduction targets. The first step involves carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and then drawing up a climate vision and road map. Regular monitoring ensures that the company is on course to achieve its targets, and the defined action plan is adjusted if necessary. myclimate also checks whether and how companies can participate in the Science Based Targets initiative. Additionally, it is possible to conduct quick-win consultations and hotspot analyses.



Towards a comprehensive climate strategy

A climate strategy from myclimate is a company-specific approach incorporating targeted measures to tackle the challenges of climate change in the best possible way. myclimate offers comprehensive consulting with tools and solutions – while always adhering to the net zero approach as the ultimate objective. The aim of the climate strategy is to help companies achieve the global climate target of 1.5 °C. Defined targets should be based on scientifically sound methods and demonstrate how the company can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions so that they meet the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Agreement.





Climate strategy for companies:

What is a climate strategy?

A climate strategy is rooted in the desire to take responsibility, as a business, for the problem of anthropogenic climate change. We help companies by working with them to identify risks and opportunities for the business model in question, to derive a climate target, and to develop measures to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the benefits of a climate strategy from myclimate?

myclimate is your professional partner for effective climate protection. We work with you to develop a bespoke climate strategy that offers you the following benefits:

  • Professional status analysis
  • Highlighting of funding opportunities
  • Exploitation of all competitive advantages
  • Identification of focus areas for emissions
  • Compliance with climate regulatory requirements
  • Preparation of your tailor-made road map
  • Identification of possible risks and opportunities
  • Long-term positioning for a future-proof company
  • Positive impact on internal and external stakeholders

What risk does climate change pose to your company?

In this context, major factors include not only natural disasters ans changes in climatic conditions but also regulatory measures and rising prices of fossil energy, as well as social acceptance of environmentally conscious action.

What potential benefits does the climate strategy offer for your company?

  • Strategic basis to enable a structured approach to climate protection
  • Reduction in costs and emissions
  • Preparation for meeting legal requirements
  • Greater attractiveness as an employer
  • Competitive advantages during acquisition and customer retention
  • Improvement of internal and external image thanks to comprehensive climate management
  • Basis for regular revision and continual improvement of measures
  • Contribution to reducing consequential damage due to climate change

How long does a climate strategy consultation last?

A climate strategy is a product that helps companies implement long-term climate protection measures. The strategy runs for two to four years and is monitored by two senior experts as well as other specialists.

What standards or legal requirements already exist in relation to climate strategy and which of them does myclimate cover?

A PESTEL analysis is carried out as part of the climate strategy consultation. Depending on the sector in question, there may already be standards or legal requirements in place – and these are what we primarily seek to identify in this analysis. We also look at whether funding is available for the myclimate consultation or for measures relating to the climate strategy.

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