SDG Reporting

Do you want to calculate and believably demonstrate your company’s contribution to a sustainable future?

myclimate offers you an effective tool for your impact measurement in the shape of myclimate smart 3. It systematically records and evaluates your relevant data (KPIs). The software provides you with evaluations and reports adapted to your individual customer needs, demonstrating your impact in the form of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We calculate the actual effect of your financial and corporate engagement on local populations, the environment and global climate protection using the 17 SDGs. The simple presentation of figures is enhanced with images, success stories, emotions, attractive analyses and graphics in our individual report.

Thanks to this Reporting (R) together with prior evaluation and systematic Monitoring (M) and the subsequent Verification (V) of this reporting, myclimate can offer you a tried and tested, comprehensive overall solution for much-needed SDG impact measurement.

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