Shape Your Trip

Target group: Pupils and teachers at upper secondary level (grammar and vocational schools) aged 14 and over

Offer: Workshops including a competition for class and individual trips, online learning module and travel calculator

Would you like to address the topic of sustainability with your class using the specific example of travel? In our workshop (two to four lessons), we discuss needs while travelling, compare different means of transport in terms of their CO2 emissions and delve into our online content.  

In further training sessions, we show you how to use our digital learning module and the travel calculator for yourself.

What does this programme achieve?

Pupils, vocational school students and teachers actively shape society by travelling in a climate-friendly way and choosing and organising sustainable activities, catering and accommodation during their trips.

Specific benefits

Participants in the workshop…

…will become familiar with the learning module and travel calculator tools and know how they can travel more sustainably.  

…will consciously reflect on their needs before travelling.

…will choose more climate-friendly means of transport for their trips. 

…will take environmental and social criteria into account when choosing accommodation, meals and activities. 

…will increase their travel locally and not view sustainable travel as a sacrifice. 

Young people today are faced with a dilemma: How can they satisfy their travelling needs and at the same time take responsibility for the environmental consequences? The aim of the Shape Your Trip educational programme is to help tackle this challenge and empower young adults to travel more sustainably without calling this cultural and social achievement into question.

In workshops, we get to the bottom of the questions of what pupils want from their holidays and how they can travel from A to B in a more climate-friendly way. Young people learn how to use the online tools created by myclimate to plan their holidays based on facts. These young people can submit their sustainable travel plans to our travel competition and win spending money for their trip at the same time.

With this educational programme, we inspire young people to actively reflect on their travel behaviour, while taking the climate into consideration at the same time.  

I was really impacted seeing that aeroplanes are so much more harmful to the environment than other means of transport. The project is very attractive and is very relevant to the pupils’ current lives. It makes dealing with the topic of sustainability creative and fun.

Rebekka Dettwiler, general education teacher, Technische Berufsschule Zürich (Zurich Technical Vocational School)

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