What makes myclimate's CO2 calculators unique?

myclimate offers various CO2 emissions calculators for different activities. It isn’t just emissions from air travel, car journeys and cruise holidays that can be calculated: individual carbon footprints, the corporate carbon footprint and/or the greenhouse gas footprint of events can also be ascertained, and a carbon footprint drawn up for individual households. In addition, it is possible to support carbon offset projects and the valuable educational programmes of myclimate with free donations or to directly select a project of your choice for support.

Based on the caluclated emissions, the climate protection contribution is invested in high-quality myclimate climate protection projects worldwide that meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo, VCS (incl. CBB or SD-VISta). The quality projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus directly protect the climate. Climate protection projects not only reduce climate-impacting emissions, but also contribute to sustainable development in the project region. Thus, not only the climate benefits, but also the local population.


The experts and environmental engineers at myclimate have individually created the calculation basis for each CO2 emission calculator. The methodologies are based on international standards as well as the latest scientific studies and knowledge. In addition, all CO2 emission calculators are regularly checked and updated. This ensures that the model calculations are as precise as possible and that the calculation results are always up to date with the latest scientific findings.


As a non-profit climate protection organisation, myclimate has stood for trust and transparency for around 20 years. For this reason, the calculation basis of each individual myclimate CO2 emissions calculator is documented and can be viewed online by anyone. myclimate also regularly communicates its complete annual report transparently with all figures, data and facts. It is available online for anyone to download and is published annually. In addition, myclimate is rigorously and independently audited by various institutes every year. The financial flows are controlled by KPMG. SGS checks the CO2 accounting.


The topic of climate protection is complex and time is pressing. That’s why trustworthy climate protection organisations with many years of experience are more important than ever. With myclimate, both private individuals and companies can easily and quickly determine their carbon footprint and make a corresponding contribution to climate protection. At the same time, users can always be sure that the model calculations are as accurate as possible and comply with the latest scientific findings. At least 80 per cent of all contributions to climate protection made through myclimate are used to finance climate protection projects and can also be claimed as tax-deductible donations. Both myclimate itself and all financial flows and CO2 accounting are checked at regular intervals by independent institutes. myclimate is convinced that everyone can contribute to effective climate protection.


You can find further exciting information on the subject of climate change and climate protection in our climate booklet

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