ALDI SUISSE and myclimate agree on a multi-year education partnership

Ever more private-sector organisations are getting involved in education projects in the areas of climate and sustainability. Since the start of 2022, for example, ALDI SUISSE has been supporting the myclimate education project “Energy and Climate Pioneers 2.0” and sponsors up to 10,000 pupils in the 5th to 9th grades of primary schools throughout Switzerland. For this education programme, myclimate has managed to build a solid basis of support with representatives of the public sector, foundations, lottery funds and the private sector.

ALDI SUISSE is conscious of its ecological and social responsibility. All the company’s Swiss branches, for example, as well as all of its logistics and administrative locations already operate on a climate-neutral basis thanks to offsetting. ALDI SUISSE also takes its social obligations seriously and donates a mid-six-figure amount to social organizations every year. Now, the retailer is getting involved in a myclimate education project as a sponsor. 

Project-based climate education for the younger generation 

The myclimate educational offering known as “Energy and Climate Pioneers 2.0” is popular in Swiss schools, offering pupils from the 5th to the 9th grades the chance to work on environmental, energy and climate topics in an action-oriented way. The education project aims to anchor project-based climate education in schools – and to do so for the long term. The curriculum-compliant educational initiative promotes project-based climate education and introduces young people to a very current and important topic in an action-oriented way. With its methodological diversity and expert knowledge, the offering brings clear added value to regular teaching.  

Specifically, the myclimate education team holds project days with school groups during which they first develop their knowledge about climate change in a playful and interactive way and then focus on solutions. The pupils then work independently on developing their own energy and climate projects and subsequently implementing them. This way, participating pupils learn early on how to be part of the solution and how they can actively shape their own future.  

ALDI SUISSE supports Energy and Climate Pioneers 2.0 

“Children are the future of our society and will one day take the helm. With our efforts, we also aim to bring younger generations on board and teach them the importance of sustainability issues. We are proud to be embarking on this mission with our partner myclimate,” says an enthusiastic Jérôme Meyer, Country Managing Director of ALDI SUISSE.  

Together with other partners, ALDI has been supporting the myclimate education project “Energy and Climate Pioneers 2.0” since the start of this year as part of a multi-year sponsorship arrangement. Thanks to its financial commitment, thousands of young school students can be reached and specific environmental projects implemented.  

The charitable Foundation myclimate would like to thank the following organisations for their commitment to climate education: 

  • EnergieSchweiz 
  • UBS Ltd. 
  • 3FO Foundation 
  • Charitable Foundation of the Canton of Zurich 
  • Culture Promotion of Canton St. Gallen 
  • Swisslos Fund of Basel-Landschaft 
  • SIG Charitable Foundation 
  • Department of Elementary Education of Canton Lucerne 
  • Huber+Suhner Foundation  
  • Kühne Foundation 


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