B.A.U.M. Celebrates its 30th Birthday with a Climate-Neutral Annual Conference!

30 years of environmental and sustainability management: Joachim Löw, Gerhard Schröder, Princess Victoria of Sweden and Stefan Baumeister were just a few of the well-wishers at network B.A.U.M.‘s climate-neutral anniversary conference.


Dieter Brübach (B.A.U.M.) and Stefan Baumeister (myclimate Germany) at the anniversary conference

13 October 2014 2014 provided two reasons to party:B.A.U.M., Europe’s largest corporate network for the promotion of environmental and sustainability management, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Moreover, Prof. Maximilian Gege, B.A.U.M. President, a co-founder of the network and who played a considerable role in shaping it over the years, is 70! That makes a total of 100 years of success!

At the B.A.U.M. anniversary conference, World-Cup-winning coach Joachim Löw, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden were among those who congratulated the network of sustainable companies on 30 years of successful work. Stefan Baumeister, managing director of myclimate Germany, also joined the prominent well-wishers and handed over the confirmation of the climate-neutral anniversary conference! 70 tonnes of CO₂ are being offset through the financing of two small biogas plants in India (state of Karnataka).

Not only will this amount of CO₂ be saved over seven years, but families will also be helped to avoid having to cook on open fires, which are not sustainable and are harmful for health. The fertile substrate left over at the end of the fermentation process will be used by farmers as organic fertiliser, which not only replaces the purchasing of chemical fertilisers but also leads to a considerable increase in harvest yields.


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