Climate-Friendly Transport in the City

carvelo2go and myclimate are partnering up to raise awareness for ecargo bikes as a sustainable mode of transport for children or goods. carvelo2go is known for ecargo bike sharing in over 70 cities and districts. myclimate supports businesses that want to start using ecargo bikes to transport goods.

A rented eCargo bike is a climate-friendly transport option.

carvelo2go works in a similar way to car-sharing: the electric cargo bike or "Carvelo" can be simply rented out online using an app. Afterwards the Carvelo is picked up from and then returned to the corresponding location. The potential uses for Carvelos are varied: transporting two children, shopping or goods up to 100 kg. Consequently the offer is geared towards households, businesses and residential areas. In 2019, over 400,000 climate-friendly kilometres were covered using the bikes.


New subsidy programme with 50 per cent higher discount!

myclimate is operating a subsidy programme for companies who would like to regularly and professionally transport goods using ecargo bikes. As of 2020, the subsidy contribution will be increased by a further 50 per cent! The use of ecargo bikes in place of conventional delivery vehicles can reduce CO₂ emissions and waste gases. Organisations can then benefit from an annual discount based on the kilometres travelled. Etrikes with a load capacity of up to 300 kg have just been approved for use in Switzerland and will receive a proportionally higher subsidy contribution. Take part in the subsidy programme

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