Climate-neutral to Denmark

dk-ferien takes care about our climate and therefor was certified by myclimate as a climate-neutral company. Furthermore dk-ferien offsets for their customers the car ride to Denmark.

dk-ferien Ferienwohnung Dänemark

"We can´t look away any longer. Everyone can and must do something to protect our climate ", says myclimate. Therefor the company carbon footprint was calculated and the unavoidable emissions were offseted.
In addition, dk-ferien offsets all emissions, which were caused by the tourists due to their car trip to Denmark. "The project has just become public and it´s already well received by our customers. Already with the booking confirmation, the customer gets the information about the amount of compensation costs for their travel. Many are enthusiastic and also want protect our climate, "says Hoffmann. Therefore the customers can offset their car trip back to Germany by a voluntary contribution to climate protection. All contributions will be donated to the Gold Standard certified myclimate project "Solar Energy for Education and Telephony" in Tanzania.

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