Climate-neutral transport with a click

The CO₂ balance sheet provides the commercial vehicle sector with a new tool in the fight against climate change. Companies can now track the amount of CO₂ greenhouse gases emitted by their vehicles. They can then compensate for this through myclimate.

The myclimate compensation certificates are ideal for hanging in the company.

Climate change concerns all players in the economy, not least the transport sector. The CO₂ emissions of a transport vehicle over its entire service life depend on fuel consumption, mileage and many other factors. In the Swiss transport industry, it is still unusual for companies to offset the CO₂ emissions of their vehicles. In addition, until now there has been a lack of solutions for simply and reliably recording and calculating the greenhouse gas emissions of a transport vehicle worldwide.

Making CO₂ emissions from vehicles transparent

The internationally active LOSTnFOUND AG has now developed an innovative addition to its telematics solution with the support of myclimate. The dashboard now not only gives fleet managers an overview of the efficiency and safety of the vehicles in their fleet, but also shows the CO₂ emissions of each vehicle, measured in tonnes. The methodology for calculating the ecological performance of a vehicle is based on the "life cycle" approach. This means that in calculating the CO₂ footprint of a vehicle, the processes and their environmental impact are taken into account proportionately from the beginning (manufacture) to the end (disposal) of its life.

Automatically calculating CO₂ compensation

The system records all journeys using GPS and other consumption data, and automatically calculates the emissions and the necessary CO₂ compensation amount in Swiss francs or euros. Customers can then voluntarily offset the amount of CO₂ per vehicle produced within 6, 12 or 24 months with a single mouse click. The system automatically produces an invoice and an individual myclimate compensation certificate. Additionally, vehicles are tagged with a sticker to advertise the fact that the vehicle is climate-neutral.

Compensate for your CO₂ footprint

Stephen Neff, CEO of myclimate, says: "The transport and logistics industry is essential for our daily lives and our economy. The associated CO₂ footprint can now be offset and industry can make a contribution to achieving global climate targets. We are therefore pleased that the design of the solution also took the issue of CO₂ emissions into account. The CO₂ data and the possibility of compensation through our foundation help fleet operators to act in a more climate-friendly way, immediately and without any complications."

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