DKV Euro Service Offers Filling Card for Carbon-Neutral Refuelling

Customers from Germany can now also offset emissions that arise when refuelling using their filling card. DKV Euro Service offers the Card Climate for this purpose. Projects in Madagascar and in China benefit from this.

Driving results in CO₂ emissions. Business partners increasingly demand proof of how a transport firm deals with these emissions. They can be avoided and reduced up to a certain point, e.g. through driver training, vehicle services and intelligent route planning.

The remaining CO₂ emissions can now be offset in full by “Solar and efficient cookers in Madagascar” and “Efficient biomass cookers in Shanxi, China”. Alongside the positive effects for the environment, the positive life cycle assessment creates a clear competitive edge and strengthens a company’s brand. To make their commitment evident externally, DKV Euro Service and myclimate offer certification. This attests to the complete compensation of CO₂ emissions.

The DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group is also active in the area itself and has retroactively offset all CO₂ emissions at the headquarters in Ratingen for 2013. To this end, the corporate group invested in certified myclimate climate protection projects to save the current emissions of 3,448 tonnes of CO₂ per year elsewhere. “The measurement and compensation of our CO₂ emissions is an important foundation for us,” said Dr Alexander Hufnagl, DKV Managing Director. “We will be working on continuously reducing our CO₂ emissions on this basis in coming years.”


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