EcoWatch votes myclimate «Most Transparent» Carbon Offset Programme 2021

«There's a lot to appreciate about myclimate, but above all, we love this organization because of how easy they make it to purchase carbon offsets», summarizes EcoWatch and explains.

«When you go to the myclimate website, you will immediately see their carbon offset calculator, which will allow you to input information about recent travel (including flights and cruises), household activities, and more. Using this data, myclimate will provide you with an estimate of your total carbon footprint and show you some ways to invest in meaningful offsets. If you truly want to offset your day-to-day carbon footprint in a calculated and precise way, head to myclimate and get going.»

The myclimate team feels extremely honoured to have been selected as the most transparent carbon offset organisation, as this accolade pays homage to the hard work we put into living up to our vision, mission and pledge. Thank you EcoWatch.

EcoWatch is a long-time leader in environmental news. Founded in 2005 as an Ohio-based environmental newspaper, today they are a digital platform still dedicated to publishing quality, science-based content on environmental issues, causes, and solutions. While they've grown from a grassroots newspaper of 80,000 print copies to a site with a digital audience of more than two million monthly readers, they are still committed to their founding principle: creating a sustainable future.


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