Energy and Climate Education in Schools and Companies - The myclimate Education Projects Kick off the New School Year with Impressive Figures

During the summer holidays, the planning for the two largest myclimate education projects will be in full swing. Around 20,000 pupils have already become "Energy and Climate Pioneers", and myclimate is again planning more than 400 school visits in the coming school year. In the longest-running education project, the "Energy and Climate Laboratory", the eleventh project year will feature brand new offers, also for companies. Both projects are made possible by the support of EnergieSchweiz.

But the "Energy and Climate Laboratory" and the "Energy and Climate Pioneers" are not just myclimate's longest-running educational projects. By building awareness for climate protection among thousands of students and apprentices, both projects are also very successful.

The Energy and Climate Laboratory is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2017. To date, more than 8,100 trainees and apprentices from over 135 vocational schools and companies have implemented 864 projects. The Energy and Climate Laboratory gives students from all over Switzerland the opportunity to use their professional skills to develop energy-saving projects within the scope of a national project competition. Interested vocational schools can register at any time for the new training year.

New: The myclimate Company Challenge

Training companies can now also stage an in-house "Company Challenge", allowing them to integrate the complete "Energy and Climate Laboratory" into their business and benefit from the support of myclimate's education experts. In close coordination with those responsible for vocational training, sustainability and communication at a company, myclimate organises in-house project competitions for students and trainees. myclimate trains them in the areas of climate and sustainability, helps them brainstorm and offers support for project development. In addition, the students and trainees also enter their projects in the national competition of the "Energy and Climate Laboratory". This offers trainees and their companies a further effective platform on which to present their ideas on energy and the climate.

20,000 pioneers

The "Energy and Climate Pioneers" initiative launched by Swisscom offers school classes from kindergarten to secondary school level the opportunity to implement their own climate protection projects. Since its launch, the number of Swiss schoolchildren who have become climate pioneers has grown to more than 20,000. The initiative was inspired by Solar Impulse, the lighthouse project for renewable energies launched by André Borschberg and myclimate patron Bertrand Piccard, which culminated in their circumnavigation of the globe in 2016.

To mark the start of the new school year, it is also possible for Energy and Climate Pioneers to participate in the ENERGY CHALLENGE; EnergieSchweiz's national campaign to promote energy efficiency and renewable energies. Teachers can still enter this national activity with their classes at this year's ZÜSPA from 29 September to 8 October! At the ENERGY CHALLENGE stand, there are ten 90-minute blocks for middle school pupils (4th to 6th class). In each block, a maximum of four classes compete against each other in exciting competitions that involve taking photos, making things, pedalling away and shopping.

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