Environmental award for climate-friendly plastic bags

The plastic bags from Pely that are certified with the climatop label were awarded the prestigious “Umweltpreis der Wirtschaft 2016” from the Studien- und Fördergesellschaft der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Wirtschaft in Kiel on 10 October. The commitment to protecting nature and the environment demonstrated by pely-plastic GmbH & Co.KG has thus been honoured with one of the oldest environmental awards in Germany.

(From left, chairman of the Studien- und Fördergesellschaft der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Wirtschaft e.V. and Dr. Nikolas P. Bastian, CEO of the Pelz group.)

Can plastic bags really receive an environmental prize? – Yes, they can! That is because plastics can be produced in a more climate-friendly manner. Thanks to well-engineered technologies and a modern machine park, Pely produces plastic bags that are thinner than the typical standard bag. Because the bags are not as thick, they require less material, meaning the production methods result in demonstrably less CO₂ emissions. Furthermore, because production takes place exclusively in Wahlstedt in Schleswig-Holstein, short distances are guaranteed, and unnecessary transportation is avoided. Pely’s bags were honoured with the „approved by climatop“ label from myclimate because of the company’s lasting engagement. 

Products and services are certified with the climatop label if they release significantly less greenhouse gas than the benchmark in the sector in question. The product’s lifecycle and impact on the environment are inspected using an ecological balance calculation which proves that the certified products are climate friendlier than those of competitors. Accordingly, Pely’s bags are climate-friendlier rubbish bags. If all rubbish bags in Germany were produced in such a resource-saving manner, we could save 30,000 tonnes of CO₂ every year through this action alone – that corresponds to approximately 4400 trips around the world!

“For us, the „Umweltpreis der Wirtschaft 2016“ from the Studien- und Fördergesellschaft der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Wirtschaft is acknowledgement of all the effort we have made in the past, and at the same time, it is an incentive to develop more sustainable products for concerned consumers in the future – which is very much in the spirit of our Pely® strategy: ‘responsible action for a common future!’” says Heike Kenneweg, director of Sales and Marketing at Pely.

Pely helps consumers look for the right model for their own needs not only through its production methods but also with www.beutelfinder.de. In that manner, it positively influences climate impact by making sure people use the right type of rubbish bag.

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