Faster and more sustainable from A to B: With this app, a Munich start-up wants to help drivers in city traffic

The young smart mobility company AlterMobili has developed a driving companion app for car drivers to help them save time and money in the future while at the same time reducing the burden on the environment. In cooperation with myclimate, a further step towards sustainable driving is now to be taken.

The three Altermobili founders Michael Jaschke, Ophelie Jaschke and Laszlo Török, have set themselves the goal of making driving greener. With the help of their innovative technology, consisting of a Bluetooth transmitter and the corresponding Almo-App, they offer a concrete solution for this. Picture: Altermobili and Mikita Karasiou

The company sees enormous potential for improvement, especially in large cities, as congested streets, noise and emissions have a negative impact on the quality of life of city dwellers and their environment. According to AlterMobili, a motorist in traffic jams and when looking for parking spaces emits around 530 kg of CO2 per year, losing an average of 107 hours of valuable time and generating additional costs of €1704 per year. This is precisely why the company wants to use a Bluetooth transmitter and the app called Almo to reduce traffic searching for parking spaces by 30% and car journeys in areas with a low parking probability by 50%.

To achieve this, cars must be networked to form a Connected Cars Community. This is done using the so-called, a Bluetooth transmitter that drivers attach anywhere in their cars and which connects to the Almo app on their smartphones. If any user of the app parks, this is detected and the free parking space is displayed to other app users. The solution also displays vacant parking spaces 60 seconds in advance. So Almo users know when other users leave their parking spaces. This allows for the generation of targeted parking traffic and the elimination of unplanned search traffic. The newly developed solution is currently only available for Munich, the implementation for other major cities is already being planned.

In cooperation with myclimate, a further step towards sustainable driving is now to be taken. To this end, Altermobili is developing additional functions that enable its users to calculate their CO2 emissions and offset them through high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects. The app will show users distances, time, costs and the CO2 emissions of their journeys in a personal dashboard. Users can access their data at any time on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Users will then have the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions directly from the app with myclimate. All offset payments and donations to myclimate can be deducted from taxes.
Further innovations such as intermodal navigation functions with providers of local public transport are in preparation. Here too, the aim is to avoid car traffic where more sustainable solutions are available.


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