Festival del film Locarno with (climate) focus on Brazil

Festival del film Locarno is putting the spotlight on Brazil. It seems only logical to express the own commitment to climate protection by means of a project in the largest South American country.

There are just over 100 days remaining until the 67th "Power from FSC Wood Chips in Itacoatiara, Brazil”.

Since 2010, the film festival has asked myclimate to calculate its emissions and offset these in high-end international projects. myclimate has therefore labelled the festival as a "climate-neutral event”. Embedded within this commitment is a broad-based sustainability strategy that is designed to keep the carbon footprint as small as possible. To this end, the organisers have developed an action plan that includes a mobility concept based on public transport and e-bikes as well as a supply of green electricity.

In the Brazilian region of the Amazon, myclimate is supporting the transition from diesel to the more climate friendly FSC wood chips for power generation. This project is the first in the world to earn emissions certificates on the basis of sustainably harvested biomass from a forest management system certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The wood chip heating plant with 9 MW electrical output is located in the timber mill at Precious Woods in Itacoatiara, a small town in the Brazilian Amazon.

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