Film producer memox offsets documentary film «der Bär in mir» with myclimate

The award-winning documentary «Der Bär in mir» was released in German cinemas on 15th October 2020. In the film, filmmaker Roman Droux accompanies bear researcher David Bittner on an adventurous journey to the farthest reaches of Alaska. In what may be the last wilderness in North America, the two are close on the trail of a large male and a young female bear. In an interview with myclimate, Roman Droux explains why he offset the film with myclimate. And he reveals the most exciting moment of his bear journey.

The film "der Bär in mir" will be released on 15 th October 2020 in 100 cinemas across Germany and will then be shown in other cities.

Roman, how did you get the idea for this film?

Over 15 years ago I met David at one of his first lectures about his adventures in Alaska. The stories and images fascinated me, but also raised questions. I first produced a TV documentary from existing archive material. As I did so, the desire grew in me to venture into the land of bears and expose myself to the situation David described in lectures.


There were certainly some particularly memorable moments during the filming and the time in Alaska or perhaps even a delicate situation that you will not soon forget. What was the first highlight that comes to your mind that you would like to tell us about briefly?

Almost every day brought highlights. Building relationships and trust with bears out in the wild, in this deserted area - it's just incredibly unique. One extraordinary moment was when a large, unknown male bear appeared - a scene that is also featured in the film. He approached David and me to within two metres and remained in this position for what felt like hours. Not aware of any competition or danger from us, he passed beside us. That was a very formative and emotional moment for me. And I was thankful that I had David next to me and I had such a long lens on the camera, which kept a minimum distance from the bear.


You decided to offset the emissions caused by the film production with myclimate. Why does CO2 offsetting make sense from your perspective?

As a filmmaker who wants to bring stories and images from remote and unknown areas to the screen, you are always confronted with the contradiction that you also emit a lot of CO2 when you travel long distances. And either I do without, in which case there are no more films of this kind, or I take the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions. myclimate offers meaningful carbon offset projects in this regard. In my opinion, the film industry causes far too much CO2 worldwide. This must be addressed in the future: for example, CO2 offsetting should be included in the budgeting of a film.


Thank you very much for the interview, Roman. Where and when will the film be shown?

The preview of the film will take place in the following 10 cities. After that, the film will be shown in 100 cinemas throughout Germany and will certainly continue to be shown in other cities a few weeks later.  All venues and further information on the film can also be found on the film's website:

  • Sa 10.10. Munich, City 18.00
  • So 11.10. Stuttgart, Atelier am Bollwerk 13.00
  • Mon 12.10. Frankfurt, Harmonie, 18.00
  • Tue 13.10. Cologne, Cineplex, 18.00
  • MI 14.10. Berlin, FAF 20.00
  • Thu, 15.10. Hamburg, Abaton 18.00
  • Thu, 15.10. Hamburg, Zeise 19.30
  • Fri 16.10. Karlsruhe, Schauburg at 17.30
  • Sa 17.10. Heidelberg, Gloria, 17.00
  • Sun 18.10. Freiburg, Friedrichsbau 11.00

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