First myclimate live event attracts great interest

Stefan Baumeister, Managing Director of myclimate Germany, and Marc Erkens, Head of Sustainability DKV, discussed how companies can successfully and strategically implement the topic of climate protection in front of a large online audience on Earth Day 2021. Around 350 interested companies had registered in advance for the event, which was moderated by podcaster Kim Scholze.

«Green Deal in the company - this is how strategic climate protection succeeds» was the motto of the approximately one-hour myclimate online event, which was broadcast live from the Stadthalle in Reutlingen on 22 April. After moderator Kim Scholze had briefly summarised the importance of climate protection for companies at the beginning and also talked about the political framework conditions and the increasing social pressure, the event got down to business.

The two speakers not only explained why the journey to climate neutrality is necessary and makes sense, but also what steps need to be taken to achieve it. The challenges that companies face in this context were just as much a topic as the opportunities and rewards that await climate protection actors. In the process, the two sustainability experts Baumeister and Erkens repeatedly picked up on practical examples and shared experiences from their own companies. Using the example of DKV Mobility, the leading service provider for all aspects of on-the-road supply and mobility for truck and car fleets, the numerous audience members gained a first-hand look behind the scenes of corporate climate protection. «I can only call on every company to be courageous, to find its own climate promise and to leapfrog its own corporate boundaries in the process. That inspires an entire organisation. And you don't have to do everything perfectly from the start,» Marc Erkens encouraged the companies. He added that in myclimate they had found an experienced consultant and solution provider for all aspects of strategic climate protection.

During the livestream, viewers had the opportunity to submit questions via chat, which moderator Scholze put directly to the two speakers. In this way, there was lively interaction with the audience, which also made for exciting conversation. The questions, which were very good in terms of content, also made it clear that the professional audience had already dealt intensively with the topic of corporate climate protection. Stefan Baumeister then also referred to this in his closing statement of the event. «I firmly believe that most of you are already on the path to climate neutrality. Therefore, my wish is: take it seriously, keep going, speed up, because we don't have any more time to wait. We have to bring our CO2 emissions absolutely down. And that is where each and every one of us is called upon. And we can all contribute something. What you need is conviction, commitment and perseverance. In return, many great market opportunities and other benefits await you,» summarised Stefan Baumeister, Managing Director of myclimate Germany.


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