followfood becomes a climate neutral company in cooperation with myclimate from 2021

In cooperation with myclimate Germany, the food company followfood wants to become the most ecological food brand on the German market. The Friedrichshafen-based company has announced that from 2021, not only will all 95 products be climate-neutral, but also the company administration and all transport routes. The company is investing about 25 % of its annual profit from 2019 for this purpose.

From the left: Harri Butsch and Jürg Knoll are the managing directors of followfood and lead the company's fortunes.

followfood has committed itself to becoming a climate neutral company by 2021 by avoiding, reducing and compensating CO2 emissions. On its way to this goal, the food specialist has relied from the beginning on the professional advice and extensive solution offers of myclimate.

"Carrying out the life cycle assessments for followfood was a challenging and exciting task for us, sums up Stefan Baumeister, Managing Director of myclimate Germany. "In the process, we were able to gain interesting insights for followfood, for example into the environmental impact of different fishing and processing methods," he explains.

The environmental engineers of the non-profit climate protection organisation have calculated the emissions of the entire product range and the associated supply chain, as well as determining the CO2 footprint of the company's administration. The life cycle assessments prepared by myclimate take into account the complete life cycles of all followfood products and thus also the effects over the entire value chain - starting with fishing, through processing, to transport.

followfood offsets its unavoidable emissions through several high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects. For example, the company invests in reforestation projects that bind CO2 emissions in the atmosphere in the long term. On the other hand, followfood supports the construction of small biogas plants as well as energy-efficient cookers in order to directly save emissions and to reduce and avoid deforestation of non-sustainably managed forests.


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