Green Compatibility – the AirPlus Green Company Account

How can business travel processes protect our environment best? AirPlus is setting a benchmark for environmental protection. The AirPlus Green Company Account is the first entirely CO₂ neutral product offered by the financial services industry.

myclimate Germany Managing Director Stefan Baumeister meeting the Airplus marketing and communications team.

Together with myclimate, AirPlus explored the alternatives for making the tasks connected with the AirPlus Company Account climate-neutral and environmentally friendly and identified avoidable as well as unavoidable CO₂ emissions related to the AirPlus Company Account. The result: The AirPlus Green Company Account.

AirPlus Green Company Account is the paperless invoice developed at the request of many customers who want to reduce paper waste. Most of them were scanning and then disposing of the paper invoices they received from AirPlus.The Green Company Account also allows companies to calculate the CO₂ emissions caused by business flights automatically and to offset them with myclimate, too!

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