How can organisations reduce CO2 emissions?

More and more companies are recognising the importance of operational climate protection measures. This has not only ecological but also economic benefits, and makes organisations competitive for the future. For this reason, more and more companies are defining extensive measures to reduce their carbon footprint, to optimise their value chains, to make a contribution to the Paris climate targets and, not least, to increase efficiency within their company. myclimate helps customers to integrate climate protection into their business activities and is on hand with advice for the development of carbon reduction journeys.

There are many possible ways to implement effective climate protection. myclimate supports companies with advisory services, carbon footprint calculations, efficiency analyses, IT tools and many other services for the reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions. Focussing on CO2 reduction also creates many cost-related and competitive benefits for companies, so it is well worth implementing measures for reduction within the business, as well as in the upstream and downstream supply chains, and thus to evolve into a climate-friendly, responsible company. Foundation myclimate guides companies in the holistic integration of climate protection into their business activities and supports them on their carbon reduction journey. 

myclimate offers many services for emissions reduction for companies, including among others: 

  • Climate strategy consulting and performance management 

myclimate begins each climate strategy consultation with joint target-setting and definition of system limits. Data is then collected to produce an analysis of the current situation. Calculating CO2 emissions is the first step towards systematic greenhouse gas management, providing an overview of the main sources of emissions in the company and helping to guide specific actions. The cycle repeats at regular intervals to help monitor performance. 

  • Science-based targets consulting 

myclimate offers solutions that are in harmony with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). Companies set climate targets that are science-based and are validated by the SBTi. In the definition of the climate targets, the focus is on effective measures for reduction in all three scopes of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). myclimate supports companies in validating the targets and defining effective measures for reduction, and provides guidance throughout the whole SBTi process. 

  • Carbon insetting 

Carbon insetting is the investment in emissions reduction projects within the upstream or downstream value chain (scope 3) of companies. This carbon insetting reduces CO2 emissions directly in the upstream and downstream value chains. 

  • Industry solutions 

myclimate offers tailored solutions for sustainability and climate protection for various industries with different requirements and needs. These customised services are provided by Foundation myclimate for a variety of focus industries. 

  • Raising awareness among employees 

myclimate uses employee training and workshops to raise awareness among the workforces of many companies. This encourages employees to make effective contributions to CO2 reduction in their professional environment too. 

  • Educational programmes for private individuals 

Foundation myclimate also offers a range of educational programmes for students, teachers and apprentices. These help to increase their awareness of climate protection and show them ways in which they can reduce and avoid CO2 throughout their professional careers in an effective and action-oriented way.  


These and many other offers are available to companies through myclimate to reduce emissions. Find out more about myclimate’s range of offers here.


For private individuals, too, myclimate offers various training initiatives, measures to raise awareness, and information materials to encourage them to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. The climate booklet provides important facts about climate protection, as well as recommended actions for carbon reduction. In six chapters, the interactive, free online learning module on climate science conveys knowledge relating to the climate, as well as effective, easy-to-implement measures for reduction for private individuals.  

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