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Optimise your value chain and improve your company’s carbon footprint. Reduce your CO2 emissions and contribute towards achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. Improve efficiency and benefit from potential cost savings as well as competitive advantages as a responsible and climate-friendly company.


With myclimate’s help, you can pursue both a science-based CO₂ target (SBT) and individual targeted measures. Together with your management and employees, you can develop measures and targets in a workshop. Furthermore, myclimate helps you to “inset” emissions, i.e. develop and implement carbon offset projects in your supply chain.

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Climate Strategie

With support from myclimate, companies can adopt a climate strategy from myclimate to significantly reduce their climate impact and achieve their net-zero targets in the longer term. myclimate's climate strategy consulting is modular and takes place in several steps. The climate strategy forms the base for the strategic integration of climate protection in the company in line with myclimate’s three guiding principles: “avoid, reduce, finance ”.

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Reducing Costs with Resource Efficiency –

Together with, the Swiss Resource Efficiency Network, myclimate offers Swiss companies valuable support with the implementation of resource-​efficient solutions. myclimate is committed to because material and energy savings in companies and supply chains automatically lead to fewer CO2 emissions.

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External Reviews (MRV)

myclimate regularly produces external expert reports to verify carbon footprints and life cycle assessments. To this end, greenhouse gas inventories created internally or externally are reviewed in terms of how the methodology was applied and the resilience of the selected emissions factors.

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Science-Based Targets (SBT)

myclimate offers solutions that are in harmony with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). These solutions ensure that the CO₂ reduction targets and measures of a company are in line with the targets of the Paris Agreement. At the start of every integrated climate strategy, specific targets are jointly defined for greenhouse gas management and system limits.

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Carbon Insetting – Climate Protection in the Supply Chain

Carbon insetting is an investment by your company in emissions reduction projects within the supply chain. In contrast to emissions reduction in external climate protection projects (carbon offset projects), climate protection money remains within your company’s value creation cycle.

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The way to become a Net-Zero company

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