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Take stock of your company’s CO2 emissions. Calculating your carbon footprint is the first step towards successful climate protection, as it helps you identify the most effective ways to reduce your company’s emissions and is the beginning of the path to becoming a net-zero company.

Start by analysing all greenhouse gas emissions made by your company. myclimate offers you comprehensive advice and tailored solutions on the various applications, methods and standards involved in carbon footprinting.

We support companies in their carbon management. A CO2 management system for your corporate carbon footprint (CCF) as well as setting science-based targets (SBT), or assessing the product carbon footprint (PCF) of your product range are just some of the ways we help you identify how to reduce emissions in your company or your supply chain.

Contact our myclimate experts with their many years of experience and have your emissions calculated scientifically.

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Indicator Systems

Our software system allows users to collect and evaluate all carbon-​relevant activities and consumption on an annual basis. It takes the areas of energy, transport, business operations, employee mobility, office materials, food and waste into account. Based on this data, greenhouse gas emissions can be evaluated in terms of specific indicators. Other indicators can easily be integrated, e.g. for purchased goods, CSR data or evaluation in terms of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)

Calculating a carbon footprint for all of a company’s business activities (also known as a corporate carbon footprint) serves as the basis for corporate climate protection.

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Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

A carbon footprint and life cycle assessment (LCA) is used to systematically record and analyse the impact on the environment throughout the entire life cycle of a product or service. This involves an end-​to-end analysis of the product or service. The analysis considers all raw materials, transports, production processes, usage and disposal of the product. A carbon footprint at product level is a special application of the LCA methodology that specifically focuses on greenhouse gas emissions.

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Product climate footprint calculation – Smart PCF

With Smart PCF on the myclimate platform, you can quickly, easily and reliably determine the carbon footprint of your product portfolio or online shop with the help of AI. The application allows you to calculate emissions for any number of products. The resulting analysis provides a sound basis for deriving targeted improvement measures.

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myclimate smart 3 – software for carbon footprinting

myclimate smart 3 is a web-​based platform for standardised carbon footprinting as well as for the management of comprehensive sustainability data. The tailor-​made software is therefore the smart solution for CO₂ and resource management, both for SMEs and for big international companies.

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External Reviews (MRV)

myclimate regularly produces external expert reports to verify carbon footprints and life cycle assessments. To this end, greenhouse gas inventories created internally or externally are reviewed in terms of how the methodology was applied and the resilience of the selected emissions factors.

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SDG Reporting

myclimate offers you an effective tool for your impact measurement in the shape of myclimate smart 3. It systematically records and evaluates your relevant data (KPIs). The software provides you with evaluations and reports adapted to your individual customer needs, demonstrating your impact in the form of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Customized IT Solutions

myclimate offers various existing software tools. These offer simple solutions for analyses and reports related to your company as well as the easy integration of sustainability services for your homepage.

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Funding of climate protection projects for corporate clients

myclimate calculates your company’s emissions on an annual basis using the myclimate smart 3 software. Based on the emitted tonnes of CO₂, you can financially support high-quality climate protection projects from myclimate.

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The way to become a Net-Zero company

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