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How can sustainable engagement be driven forward within businesses? What skills relating to climate protection do specialist and management staff need? We offer a range of workshops to meet the various needs of different industries, companies and staff members. 

We use practical examples to bring climate protection solutions to life, so as to encourage the implementation of effective climate protection measures within the company

Our workshops enable specialist and management staff alike to be included in the company’s transformation process. We teach the relevant knowledge and skills on the topics of climate change and climate protection, and support specialist and management staff in implementing projects that have a positive impact on the climate. 

Companies that invest in educational programmes and training courses benefit from more sustainable business practices, even in the long term. You, too, can activate the potential of your specialist and management staff to help protect the climate. 


The problems are big. But they are solvable. 

Hannah Ritchie

Educational Programmes

Workshops for your Employees

We offer a variety of workshop formats to incorporate the topic of climate change and climate protection into the daily working lives of your employees.

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Support climate education

Support the climate education offered by myclimate, benefit from myclimate’s public image and generate positive publicity about specific local commitments.

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Company Challenge for Apprentices

Enable your apprentices to develop climate protection and sustainability projects in their working environment.

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Climate Conference Simulation

In the Climate Conference Simulation, schoolchildren take on the roles of political delegates and representatives of global interest groups. By working independently and interactively, they gain an insight into the climate protection efforts necessary to stay below the internationally recognised 2 °C target. 

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