Live SBTi event: Effective climate protection for companies

With the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) companies are setting ambitious climate targets based on scientific findings and international standards. In doing so, they are implementing effective sustainability measures whilst at the same time demonstrating their commitment towards achieving the 1.5 °C goal of the Paris Climate Agreement. On 6 October, in a virtual live event, myclimate introduced the SBTi and identified how the foundation can support companies on the road to achieving science-based targets.

Lena Martinez da Silva, Technical Service Manager, and Dr. Marianne Dölz, Junior Technical Service Manager, at Jungbunzlauer demonstrated by their own company’s example how businesses can sign up for SBTi and talked with Dr. Daniel Kammerer, Head Consulting and Solutions at Foundation myclimate, about the opportunities the initiative offers companies.

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) provides companies with a framework for setting emissions reduction targets and implementing them in their own value chains. By validating their own ambitious climate targets through the SBTi, companies are preparing for the coming regulatory and political changes, whilst also credibly demonstrating their commitment to a more sustainable future to their stakeholders.

These days, customers and employees alike are increasingly demanding a strategy for sustainability.

Lena Martinez da Silva, Technical Service Manager at Jungbunzlauer

Live-Event: Valuable practical insights from Jungbunzlauer

The myclimate live event on October 6th demonstrated how companies can sign up for the SBTi and its potential benefits. To this end, external speakers talked with myclimate about the initiative and the partnership with myclimate, as well as answering questions from the live event’s participants.

After analysing its emissions in detail and comprehensively with myclimate, Jungbunzlauer set ambitious and science-based climate goals in order to commit to the SBTi. The two speakers went on to describe which simple measures would also be possible for other companies to take as a first step in coming to grips with ambitious climate goals. For example, lighting systems could be fitted with LEDs to reduce energy consumption. Location-specific emission-saving potential has also already been evaluated: Among other things, improved insulation of steam pipes at manufacturing sites can efficiently prevent heat loss, thereby reducing gas and energy requirements.

With support from Foundation myclimate, Jungbunzlauer expanded its climate strategy and was able to flesh out new, more ambitious climate goals and submit them to the SBTi. After the validation of these climate goals, myclimate will continue supporting the company going forward, on its way to a sustainable future.

We have to buy ourselves time and use science-based targets to reduce as many emissions as possible. Any remaining excess greenhouse gas emissions – biochemical, biological or technological – can be removed from the air via sink projects. Those of us who are better prepared today and who greet innovation with enthusiasm will be better placed in the future.

Daniel Kammerer, Head Consulting and Solutions, Foundation myclimate

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