“Making Sustainable Aviation Visible” – myclimate Develops Calculator for Journey Around the World with Sustainable Aviation Fuel

On 2 January, Matthias Niederhäuser and Robin Wenger from Diamondo Earthrounding set off from Switzerland on their journey around the world. In the next four months they will circumnavigate the globe in line with the motto “Making sustainable aviation visible”. myclimate is supporting them in their quest.

Matt and Robin from Diamondo. Photo: Diamondo Earthrounding

For their flight around the world, the Diamondo Earthrounding crew are reducing their emissions by using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) instead of normal kerosene, provided by the global “Book and Claim” service of Jet Aviation. They are offsetting their remaining emissions in myclimate carbon offset projects.

Through their project, the two pilots are hoping to draw attention to various initiatives that contribute to the decarbonisation of air traffic and our atmosphere. With this in mind, they are also visiting carbon offset projects run by myclimate as well as technical solution providers such as Climeworks and Synhelion.

As well as with offsetting, myclimate has assisted Diamondo with the development of a calculator that offers pilots a simple opportunity to calculate their emissions when flying piston-powered aircraft . The following emissions are calculated: overall flight emissions, direct CO2 emissions from the combustion process in the engine, indirect emissions through fuel production and distribution, direct non-CO2 emissions (e.g. aerosols) and emissions resulting from infrastructure provision (airports).

Through their circumnavigation of the globe, the crew aim to show that sustainable aviation technology is already available and usable. However, further measures and efforts are still required to develop alternative environmental solutions for sustainable aviation.

Shortly before departure at the end of 2021, Matt visited the myclimate carbon offset project in the La Gruère nature conservation area . Through the renaturalisation – the so-called rewetting – of this upland moor, carbon remains captured in the moor. Take a look at the beautiful pictures of this upland moor!

Follow Diamondo’s journey around the world and find out about the diverse projects: Diamondo Earthrounding.

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