Migros and myclimate funds trucks with alternative drives

The support programme encourages Migros cooperatives to use trucks powered by electricity, hydrogen or Swiss biogas. For instance, Migros Geneva's innovative H2 truck was subsidised. The programme is one of a series of joint solutions that Migros is using to effectively reduce its own carbon footprint in its own value chain.

myclimate CEO Stephen Neff and Marco Grob, Head of Transport at the Migros Cooperative Zurich, with driver Nadine Sigrist in front of an H2 truck. Picture: Sebastian Eppler

myclimate has meanwhile implemented 13 carbon offset projects for Migros, which are realised within its value chain. Six of these projects are support programmes. This means that the individual MIGROS cooperatives, suppliers or even employees receive an incentive to behave in a climate-friendly way or to switch to climate-friendly technologies. These support programmes are managed by the M-Climate Fund, which is managed by myclimate in close cooperation with Migros.

The “Trucks using alternative fuel” support programme, for example, encourages the use of trucks with climate-friendly drive technologies. Thus, 27 trucks with alternative drive systems have already been included in the programme, among others by the Migros cooperatives in Zurich and Geneva. The new trucks will replace Migros' current fleet of diesel-powered transporters. Reducing the use of fossil fuels allows CO₂ emissions to be cut.

Migros demonstrates an innovative spirit and reduces CO2 emissions by means of technical solutions and incentives in the value chain. We are proud to be able to effectively support Migros in such pioneering projects.

Stephen Neff, CEO myclimate


Geneva pilot project: 40-ton, hydrogen-powered vehicle

Thanks to the M-Climate Fund, a contribution was also made to the innovative pilot project “GoH! - Generation of Hydrogen” in Geneva. Migros and its partners are launching a 40-ton, hydrogen-powered truck developed in Switzerland that is produced locally and in an environmentally friendly way. From energy production to construction and integration of the hydrogen drive into the truck, everything is being done by Swiss companies.

You too can benefit from a myclimate support programme!

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