Mobility strategies as the key to more climate protection

Creditplus Bank AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, wants to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. To this end, it has set out together with myclimate to analyze the potential and implement suitable ideas. After an in-depth analysis, the bank is now taking a variety of measures to achieve the goals it has set itself.

Mobility strategies as key and the myclimate climate protection project in Uganda.

Following an analysis of the current situation, employees were actively involved in the company's climate protection commitment. Through on-site and digital workshops, climate knowledge was imparted and creativity was used for internal solution strategies. In addition, in a myclimate climate conference simulation, employees exchanged their company position with fictitious roles, for example as political delegates or energy company stakeholders. The interactive conference simulation thus gave all participants a realistic impression of what climate policy hurdles and opportunities currently exist to limit global warming to below 2°C.

The climate strategy of Creditplus Bank AG places a special focus on the avoidance and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The bank therefore commissioned myclimate to analyze the reduction potentials based on the corporate CO2 balance. In the process, initial measures were identified and their CO2 savings effects quantified in order to contribute to effective climate protection in all business processes.

Specifically, the area of mobility was also put to the test. A new mobility concept takes into account CO2 emissions and other environmental characteristics of cars. Based on this, new purchases are now being planned in terms of climate strategy with a view to the emissions reduction target. In addition, myclimate environmental scientists supported Creditplus Bank AG in developing a calculation tool to map different scenarios for CO2 limits. Thanks to this tool, the company can model the effects of a continuous tightening of CO2 limits for the vehicle fleet in the years 2023 to 2030.

Mobility strategies as key

In principle, such mobility strategies can be key to companies' avoidance and reduction plans. After all, 20% of CO2 emissions in Germany are caused by the transport sector. This sector therefore offers great environmental protection potential for companies. Beyond business vehicles, CO2 reduction measures related to business and commuter traffic also represent valuable levers for climate protection. Identifying and quantifying the respective potentials can help to set and prioritize the right course.

In addition to reducing and avoiding CO2, Creditplus Bank AG also finances a myclimate climate protection project in Uganda, certified according to Plan Vivo Standard, in the amount of the company's unavoidable emissions from Scopes 1 and 2. The initiative encourages smallholders to reforest and better manage existing forests. This lays the foundation for long-term and, above all, sustainable land use that guarantees the absorption of carbon by the trees and storage in their biomass. At the same time, biological diversity is supported there and the common good is improved, for example by setting up a microcredit system to promote income-generating activities based on the sustainable use of forests.

These many measures and analyses enable Creditplus Bank to take the next upcoming steps on the reduction path and define priorities.

Creditplus Bank AG has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality of 65% of the company by 2030 and complete climate neutrality by 2045. In doing so, the bank is aligning itself with the reduction targets under the German Federal Climate Protection Act. In the first step, this requires an annual reduction of the CO2 footprint by at least 5 %. myclimate will continue to accompany the bank on this ambitious path and support it in identifying and implementing measures.

Now also align your company climate-friendly and transparent

Would you also like to follow the example of Creditplus Bank AG? myclimate also offers your company customized solutions for sustainability and climate protection. With myclimate as a partner at your side, you can align your company in a climate-friendly and transparent way. The broad range of services, from emissions calculations and possible reduction measures to the development of a climate strategy and financing of carbon offset projects, enables you to actively shape the future and contribute to sustainable change. 

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