myclimate "Cause We Care" – Are you with us?

With myclimate «Cause We Care», Swiss tourism providers show how it is possible to achieve twice the impact with a single step. Guests and customers take responsibility for their emissions and at the same time, trigger local sustainability measures directly at their supplier. A new campaign and the new website illustrate this principle. A broad campaign will be rolled out, as additional partners have recently joined the programme.

The new myclimate Cause We Care campaign

The new «Cause We Care» campaign appeals to environmentally aware customers with a simple, positive, direct message. The special added value of myclimate "Cause We Care" is illustrated with a "high five" between a typical customer and a polar bear – as a symbol to represent the climate we need to protect. The message is enhanced with the slogan "Are you with us? Easy climate protection. twice the impact!", empowering and encouraging people to get involved. The three campaign themes cover a large portion of the world of tourism in Switzerland: the world of snow and winter sports, the world of hiking and natural experiences, and not least hospitality and wellness.

The campaign will be rolled out immediately, in both online and offline formats, as well as at the "point of sale" of the various myclimate programme partners. A variety of interactive measures are planned for the new year, including a nationwide photography competition in February, with attractive prizes from the programme partners. The campaign has been developed by myclimate with the support of marketing agency Jim&Jim.

New partners for myclimate "Cause We Care"

Over 20 providers from a variety of sectors in the tourism supply chain are now involved with myclimate "Cause We Care". These include destination partners such as Heidiland, Andermatt, Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair, Interlaken, Jungfrau Region as well as St. Gallen-Bodensee. Major accommodation providers such as Swiss Youth Hostels and Reka-Ferien are also "Cause We Care" partners, as well as hotel businesses such as Belvédère Hotels and the Hotels Ambassador and Opera in Zurich. The Saastal, Rigi, Niesen, Pizol and Scuol mountain railways, Bogn Engadiana spa and Tamina Therme spa, along with other service providers such as ESAF 2019 Zug, Berg+Tal, Rotauf, SAC Sektion Lägern, Thurgau Travel, Urbansurf Zurich and Wildout Naturerlebnisse, complete the "Cause We Care" landscape. platform

The "Cause We Care” mechanism essentially functions independently for the individual companies. The potential lies in the integration and networking between all "Cause We Care" providers which the initiative aims to attain. This networking takes place also via the newly designed website

The platform also provides interested parties with specific tips. These demonstrate how sustainable mountain tourism and outdoor sport are possible, as well as how each individual decision is important and can have a big impact. The tips are not based on negative scenarios. Instead, they show simple and enjoyable ways to sustainably enjoy nature. Participating companies will also have the opportunity to present sustainable offers to existing "Cause We Care" customers using the platform.

How does myclimate "Cause We Care" work?

"Cause We Care" participants offer their customers or their guests the opportunity to voluntarily invest a small amount in climate protection and sustainability when booking a service or purchasing a product. Part of this contribution is used to offset the climate-damaging emissions associated with the product, via high-quality climate protection projects from the myclimate foundation. The product or service is thereby rendered climate-neutral. What is special about myclimate "Cause We Care" is that the company or destination in question matches the contribution and pays the same amount into a special-purpose fund. On-site climate protection and sustainability measures, for instance the setup of a free e-bike station for guests or internal sustainability training for employees, are financed both from the fund and with remaining customer contributions. The uses of the fund and the local projects are verified by myclimate.


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