myclimate CSRD Check: Which Companies are Required to Report?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and other obligations to report are on everybody’s lips – not just in the EU, but in Switzerland, too. Yet which companies are affected and how much preparation time is required is often unclear. The experts from myclimate are placing an online CSRD Check at your disposal to help with this and explain when and how companies should act.

The requirements of sustainability reporting have changed fundamentally – globally, within the EU and in non-EU countries such as Switzerland. This affects the criteria that are to be reported, as well as external assessments and time frames.

“During the course of many conversations with our customers, we have noticed again and again that a significant proportion of the companies affected by various reporting obligations are not aware of them or have not been generous enough in their estimates of how much needs to be done,” says Lisa Lettenbichler from myclimate. Indeed, companies need to take action soon, because the preparations are very time-consuming. As a rule, it takes up to nine months to put everything into place for the reporting obligation.

The first step is therefore to find out whether your own company will be affected and, if so, when. You can do this with just a few clicks thanks to the myclimate CSRD Check. Once you have completed the check, you will be given the option to book a brief consultation – with no strings attached.


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The brief consultation allows us to evaluate your initial position and derive initial ideas for concrete action. This can be useful even if your company currently does not fall under the CSRD reporting obligation. This is because further regulations and frameworks are also becoming mandatory for an increasing number of companies in Switzerland and other non-EU countries.


myclimate, as a climate protection organisation offering consultancy services in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, knows its way around both national and global obligations. Companies should prepare themselves thoroughly in order to benefit. In addition to professional support, myclimate also offers climate strategy consulting, to enable companies to lay a systematic foundation for the strategic anchoring of climate protection within their business.

You can find further information on the various reporting obligations here.

Stay informed!