myclimate educational programme now also available with the «Sammeldrache»

With its action-oriented and interactive educational offers for schools, myclimate has been encouraging pupils to make an important contribution to the future of our world for several years now. In order to be able to offer educational programmes on the topic of climate protection to even more schools, teachers and students, myclimate has entered into a new cooperation with the «Sammeldrache».

The Sammeldrachen-Shop now also offers vouchers for myclimate educational programme! Image: Sammeldrache

Since recently, myclimate has been working together with the printer cartridge collection system «Sammeldrache». As one of the largest European collection systems for empty printer cartridges, Interzero Product Cycle GmbH has been collecting empty printer cartridges and ink cartridges for over 20 years with the «Sammeldrache» programme to help schools and kindergartens protect the environment and improve their equipment.

How does this work? With the «Sammeldrache» schools, kindergartens and their sponsors can easily collect and recycle their used printer cartridges and ink cartridges. In return, they receive so-called GUPs (Green Environmental Points), which they can exchange for various school materials and books. From now on, the educational programms, the «myclimate climate conference simulation» and «myclimate energy and climate pioneers 2.0» are also available in the form of vouchers in the «Sammeldrache» shop. In addition, schools receive a 15% discount on the educational formats by purchasing a voucher.

In Germany, almost 10,000 schools and kindergartens already benefit from the collection system. These are supported by about 5,000 companies that provide their empty printer cartridges as sponsors. So all these schools can now also benefit from the myclimate educational programme. More information on the collection kite and the cooperation with myclimate can be found here.

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