myclimate partner Saropack distinguished twice

The company Saropack, based in Rorschach, is considered the market leader and number one specialist in shrink wrap in the German-speaking area. With its environmentally-friendly and optimised packaging solutions, Saropack wants to conserve resources and help protect the environment. The company won two awards at once for its sustainability concept “SAROGREEN” last year.

In September 2016, Saropack was delighted to receive the <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">Green Packaging Star Award</link>. When the prize was awarded, the company’s efforts at reducing CO₂ emissions for shrink wrap were particularly emphasized. In November, Saropack AG also received the <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">Liberal Award</link> for its considerable engagement in climate protection. “We are thrilled about the awards. They confirm that we have set an important course with our SAROGREEN concept, both for the environment and for the efficiency of our company,” says Urs Stillhard, Managing Director at Saropack. 


The concept combines a series of measures that protect the environment. It begins with extensive client consulting with the goal of avoiding scrap and packaging waste to the greatest extent possible. By using high-quality raw materials, Saropack can offer very thin foils which are of the same quality as comparable, thicker standard foils. As part of the SAROGREEN concept, Saropack champions the use of biodegradable materials. The company deliberately focuses on innovation to help biodegradable raw materials for foil, such as corn or sugar, make a breakthrough. The packaging manufacturer compensates the remaining CO₂ pollution from the shrink wrap, which is already reduced in thickness or biodegradable, with certified projects from myclimate.

SAROFILM shrink wrap was already singled out with the Climatop label in 2015. Compared to conventional PVC stretch wrap, which produces 35.7 kg of CO₂ per 1000 packages for six apples apiece, SAROFILM shrink wrap reduces emissions by almost 50 per cent with 18.1 kg of CO₂ per 1000 packages. The analysis also shows that SAROFILM foils have much lower results when it comes to environmental pollution. The analysis was the first comparison of SAROFILM shrink wrap packaging and conventional PVC stretch wrap.


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