myclimate supports eza! in the project «Climate Neutral Allgäuers»

The Allgäu is to become climate neutral. To this end, the Energy and Environmental Center Allgäu (short: eza!) has launched the project «Climate Neutral Allgäuers» and the alliance Climate Neutral Allgäu 2030. With various programs and campaigns, eza! wants to accompany private individuals and also companies in the Allgäu on their way to carbon neutrality. myclimate is involved as a partner in the «Climate Neutral Allgäuers» project.

Michael Hipp from myclimate presenting the offset projects and insight into the certification process of the international projects. Picture: eza!

In addition to the companies located in the Allgäu, private individuals are also called upon to minimise their footprint and compensate for the resulting emissions with the project «Climate Neutral Allgäuers».
They can do this in four steps. The population is called upon to

  1. calculate their own CO2 footprint,
  2. offset the resulting emissions and support regional projects in the Allgäu,
  3. follow tips for CO2 reduction and
  4. to stay tuned.

In the second step on the way to becoming a «climate neutral Allgäuer», myclimate is now on board as a partner for offsetting.
The calculated CO2 emissions can be offset in three selected, high-quality, international carbon offset projects in Burundi, Indonesia and Uganda. These support the provision of efficient cookers, the generation of clean biogas from animal dung and the supply of clean drinking water to poorer households and schools on site.
In addition to offsetting into international climate protection projects, the Allgäu residents also pay 4€ for every tonne offset into the Allgäu Climate Fund, which promotes climate protection directly on site and thus supports various climate protection projects in the region.

This year, after a two-year break, the Allgäu Energy and Climate Protection Day took place on August 18, 2022 as part of the Allgäu Festival Week in the market hall in Kempten. In view of the current discussions surrounding the topic of supply security, it was important for eza! to demonstrate that climate protection, energy transition and supply security go hand in hand. How these objectives can be achieved was made clear by eza! with the help of the Climate Neutral Allgäu 2030 alliance and the «climate neutral Allgäuer» project.
In addition to guests from politics, business, the press and civil society from the Allgäu, Michael Hipp from myclimate was also on site. He had the opportunity to present the offset projects and to give an insight into the certification process of the international projects.

Learn more about eza! and the «Climate Neutral Allgäu project».

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