Partner Portrait Etraveli Group

Founded in the year 2000, Etraveli Group was one of the first companies to offer online booking of flight tickets. Today Etraveli platforms serve almost 14 million customers per year which makes Etraveli one of the leading online travel agencies in Europe. Etraveli argued with its own impact on climate early. Claes Tellman, Chief Communication Officer at Etraveli, speaks about the responsibility of online booking engines and Etraveli’s collaboration with myclimate.

Mr. Tellman, please tell us a bit more about Etraveli and your platforms and brands?

Etraveli Group is a leading e-commerce group within online travel. Offering a wide range of airline tickets, hotel accommodations and travel related services, we operate in 72 countries on 6 continents through brands such as Gotogate, FlightNetwork and We are a fast-growing company with over 1 000 employees, in 2018 we served 12 million passengers. Our headquarters are located in Sweden, with additional offices in Greece, Canada and India.


You recently started a collaboration with myclimate. Why did you choose myclimate as partner?

As we are continually growing and becoming more and more global we were looking for a partner that would work both locally and globally. Also, we wanted to include the options to compensate for travellers, support educational initiatives and support environmental projects. myclimate offered all of those options.


Where do you see potential for more climate protection within your company?

The highest potential is through higher awareness leading to a change of consumer behaviour so that most travellers climate compensate for their trips.


Why is sustainability in general and taking responsibility for the climate more than a marketing story for Etraveli?

As a part of the travel industry, focusing on air travel, we need to take this very seriously and do what we can to engage in activities that support sustainability.


Many global players like, the Expedia group or newbies like getyourguide grow rapidly and disrupt the whole travel and tourism sector. Do you see this as a chance or a threat for a more sustainable way of travelling?

We don't see this as a threat, on the contrary the large amount of travellers has a very strong position and power and will through their opinions and behaviour ensure that the airline industry becomes sustainable over time.


What is your opinion on the «flygskam» movement born in Sweden?

We are not surprised at all. Sweden has a long tradition of very high environmental awareness. This has a largely positive impact on the public opinion and consumer behaviour in many areas.

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