Record at 5,000 metres

Finally the time had come: Exactly 425 days after his first idea for the breathtaking world record, Frank Noe was able to take off on 20 February 2023. Cycling over the Alps with his bicycle in the basket of a hot air balloon. The world record was officially sealed by the Record Institute Austria. But the emotions and impressions will probably remain indescribable. myclimate supports the "THE5000+" project to show that great things can be achieved with ambitious goals, especially in climate protection.

It was supposed to be the highest, fastest and coldest crossing of the Alps by bike and Frank Noe officially succeeded. At 7:01 a.m. on Monday morning, 20 February 2023, Noe took to the air in Krün near Garmisch-Patenkirchen. Passers-by must have rubbed their eyes at the sight, because in the basket of the hot air balloon were not only the two experienced balloon pilots, Florian Hellmich and Klaus Schweigerbefand. In the middle sat Noe on a bicycle, which in turn was attached to a roller trainer.

Noe, who is committed to climate-friendly mobility both professionally and privately, pedalled through the air from north to south over the Alps in 3 hours and 56 minutes. The exercise was necessary because the temperatures at the start were frosty. The crossing, however, which took them up to 5,400 metres above sea level, was surprisingly mild, Noe reports:

"The ride was picture-perfect - far above the peaks of the Zugspitze and Karwendel massifs, the Brenner region, Seiser Alm, Marmolata, Monte Grappa and in much warmer temperatures than expected, as the sun accompanied the spectacle throughout." During the crossing, he covered a distance of 104 km on his bicycle.

His preparations for the event took the whole year. He was accompanied by sports and medical professionals, because the demands on the body are enormous with the temperatures and altitude.
Since a crossing of the Alps in a balloon cannot be planned due to the special weather conditions and is only possible on a very few days a year, Noe only found out two days before the start when he could set off. The call with the final GO for the world record attempt even came on Sunday.

At 10:57 a.m. he landed happily and gently in Castello di Godego in Veneto, Italy, and accepted the certificate directly at the landing site from the balloon pilot Florian Hellmich, who presented it on behalf of the Institute's owner Herbert König of the Rekord Institut Österreich.

He summarised his impressions with the words "It was indescribably beautiful and I am mega happy. The entire project, from the initial planning to the landing, was accompanied by a camera team. There will probably be a documentary of the whole action in autumn. We will refer to it in our news and the myclimate newsletter.

THE5000+ is also linked to a fundraising campaign for the international aid organisation World Bicycle Relief, which supports people in rural developing countries. In this way, Noe wants to make it possible for people affected by poverty to be mobile by bike in the future. You can support the campaign here.

myclimate promotes "THE5000+" by supporting high-quality climate protection projects in the amount of the calculated emissions incurred.

Making the seemingly impossible possible in a joint action: That is the uniting factor between the goals of cycling enthusiast Frank Noe and the carbon offset organisation myclimate. While Noe is aiming for the world record, myclimate's goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero and thus make an essential contribution to the global climate goal. myclimate also started 20 years ago with the ambitious goal of making a holistic contribution to a climate-friendly future through consultancy, education and carbon offset projects. With the support of Frank Noe and his world record, myclimate wants to encourage people and companies to follow his example and set themselves big climate goals. We would be happy to accompany you in this process, just get in touch with us!


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Pictures: Hans-Martin Kudlinski & nepomedia GmbH (Maximilian Zahn)

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