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The “Energy and Climate Laboratory” is not only the longest-serving myclimate education project, but also one of the flagship projects in Swiss vocational education with around 8,600 students and more than 1,000 specific projects. Students and trainees from companies and vocational training centres can still take part in the nationwide competition for the academic year 2018/19. With the “Company Challenge”, a platform has thus been created for the cultivation of internal company sustainability and employee loyalty.



Students Oliver Zaugg and Miro Pauli (in the centre of the picture) were awarded first prize in the Innovation category at the award ceremony for the Energy and Climate Laboratory in 2018, held at the Hochschule für Technik HSR in Rapperswil. @Urs Matter

The myclimate Energy and Climate Laboratory is a national project competition for all those in anything from their first to their fourth year of education or training. Far-sightedness and innovation for greater climate protection and energy efficiency are required, and so far this has translated into over 1,000 projects implemented by more than 8,600 students and trainees. The project is being implemented in the three largest Swiss language regions, and the best projects in any year are honoured at the award ceremony, with attractive prizes to be won. Interested vocational schools can register at any time for the new training year.

Participation is open to all students and trainees who are pursuing a vocational training course in Switzerland. The projects implemented or planned have to correspond to one of four categories (Energy, Raising Awareness, Innovation and Planning), and project documentation must be submitted by the deadline (25 March 2019).

The project year 2018/19 has been facilitated through the support of partners such as EnergieSchweiz, the Adecco Group Foundation and SV Hotel.

The myclimate Company Challenge

Training companies can also stage an in-house "Company Challenge", allowing them to integrate the complete "Energy and Climate Laboratory" into their business and benefit from the support of myclimate's education experts. In close coordination with those responsible for vocational training, sustainability and communication at a company, myclimate organises in-house project competitions for students and trainees, educating them in the areas of climate and sustainability, helping them brainstorm, and offering support for project development.

In addition, the students and trainees also enter their projects in the national competition of the "Energy and Climate Laboratory". The participating company and the implementing trainees thus gain another effective platform on which to present their ideas on energy and the climate.
As the first Swiss company to do so, Emmi carried out a Company Challenge with all its Swiss trainees in 2017/18. For 2018/19 two further challenges are planned.

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