Swisscom Becomes Climate Neutral

Over the last few decades Swisscom has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by around 80 per cent. The telecoms company offsets all non-avoidable emissions in full. By doing this, and as a consistent development of the long-standing partnership with myclimate, Swisscom has become a climate-neutral business.

This year Swisscom received global acclaim as the world's most sustainable telecoms company. Photo: Swisscom

With the help of myclimate, Swisscom calculates the CO2 emissions produced by its operations. By offsetting, Swisscom ensures that an equivalent amount of emissions will be saved elsewhere. The telecoms provider is now supporting the myclimate project Biogas for Rural Households in India. Consequently, Swisscom has been awarded the label “climate-neutral business” by myclimate. Climate neutrality is the next step in the company’s extensive climate strategy and the consolidation of a long-standing partnership with myclimate.

A climate-friendly and ecological development of the telecommunications industry is a long-standing, core goal of Swisscom’s corporate philosophy. «Swisscom has been committed to sustainability for over 20 years. With success: in 2020 we received global acclaim (from Sustainalytics, Boston Consulting Group, World Finance) as the world’s most sustainable telecoms company. Nevertheless, thanks to the huge challenges facing the climate, we don’t have the luxury of resting on our laurels: consistent action is required from each of us going forward.», says Swisscom CEO, Urs Schaeppi, explaining the motivation behind the commitment to climate neutrality.

myclimate CEO Stephen Neff adds: “Our partnership with Swisscom is founded on many years of cooperation in various climate protection and sustainability projects. This partnership embodies myclimate’s core values of ‘avoiding, reducing and offsetting emissions’, and through this Swisscom has steadily developed into a climate-neutral company. This makes them a model example for corporate responsibility and climate protection.”

CO2 calculation

The calculations used for offsetting the CO2 emissions are based on the externally verified Swisscom climate report. Swisscom offsets both internal company emissions and upstream emissions, such as those generated by energy or fuel production, for example. Selected downstream emissions produced by Swisscom customers are also accounted for in the calculation.

«In recent decades, we have been able to reduce our CO₂ emissions by more than 80 per cent. Now we are taking the next logical step and, by means of compensating the remaining unavoidable emissions with our partner myclimate, we have become a climate-neutral company. We recognise our ongoing responsibility to keep reducing our carbon footprint and in so doing to offer our customers climate-friendly solutions in the business and private sphere.», says Res Witschi, Head of Sustainability at Swisscom.

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