Swisscom Seeks Green IT Solutions and Energy and Climate Pioneers Throughout Switzerland

Swisscom has developed a methodology for assigning environmental ratings to mobile devices together with myclimate. Swisscom is the first Swiss mobile technology provider to award up to five eco-points for exemplary devices. The company rates all mobile phones on their power consumption, the energy used to produce them, and the raw materials chosen for them. This enables Swisscom’s mobile phone customers to choose an environmentally friendly device without any additional effort when purchasing a new mobile.

With Green ICT solutions, travel costs and energy consumption can be reduced, which also leads to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. myclimate supports Swisscom with the creation of meaningful comparisons of Green ICT solutions and checks climate balances. A recommendation label denotes particularly climate-friendly products. Thanks to this climate recommendation from Swisscom and myclimate, customers can identify climate-friendly products and services at first glance. Compared with comparable products, labelled products have considerably lower CO₂ emissions over their entire lifecycle.

Under the Energy and Climate Pioneers initiative, Swisscom joins myclimate, EnergieSchweiz and Solar Impulse in identifying tomorrow’s pioneers. The initiative offers school classes from kindergarten to secondary school the opportunity to implement their own climate protection projects, since children and young people are interested in climate change and keen to contribute to climate protection themselves. As patrons, the initiative has two prominent pioneers – the Solar Impulse pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg – who are seeking the energy and climate pioneers of tomorrow and are themselves looking forward to many exciting and effective climate protection projects.

Since the beginning of the initiative in 2010, almost 100 school classes have been participating each year from all over Switzerland. As a token of thanks, at the big annual Klimafest event in autumn, the pupils between the ages of six and 16 get to meet their hero – the project patron and Solar Impulse pilot Bertrand Piccard. They are honoured personally as energy and climate pioneers by him.


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myclimate supporting Swisscom in sustainability reporting
Sustainability at Swisscom​​​​​​​

Together for more sustainability – this is our call to employees, partners and not least our customers to get involved with us.

Res Witschi, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Swisscom

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