The big myclimate climate quiz—test your knowledge of the facts

Everyone’s talking about climate protection. At myclimate, we strive to do our bit and inform about this topic to the best of our abilities. We have prepared an exciting quiz for this purpose. So it’s time for some brain food about climate protection. Answer the quiz questions and test your knowledge.

How do CO2 emissions occur? Which activities cause how much CO2 emissions? What are CO2 equivalents? What impact does food waste have on the climate? Why has the CO2 level in the atmosphere been rising steadily since the industrial revolution? How does our digital behaviour affect our carbon footprint? Which sectors cause the most CO2 emissions in Switzerland? 

We have visually compiled these and many other facts about climate protection and climate change. The result is a handy climate booklet with appealing graphics and text about sustainability and climate protection. Our fun climate quiz will give you a taste of the content and look and feel of the booklet:

You can read the complete booklet online as a PDF. You can also order a printed copy for free at climate booklet (


Stay informed!