The times they are a changing’ – myclimate declares record figures

myclimate is today publishing its annual results for 2019. The total income has increased significantly on the previous year. In 2019, this was more than 27 million francs. In view of stagnating political climate protection efforts and in consideration of the current coronavirus situation, myclimate CEO Stephen Neff is advocating even stronger economical, societal and political collaboration, to master climate change and other challenges of our time.

Throughout 2019, companies in particular were seeking concrete solutions and measures towards greater climate protection and sustainability. This was evident through their marked increase in demand for myclimate offers. The areas of interest were measures for transferring knowledge, awareness raising and stimulation, consulting and solutions on CO2 management, and strategic integration of climate protection into business processes. As a result, the total amount of voluntarily offset carbon tonnage reached new heights. One-and-a-half million tonnes of CO2 have been offset by companies, organisations and private individuals. This corresponds to an increase of 50 percent on the previous record year. Stephen Neff, CEO of myclimate, has this to say: «How to run or further develop your own business sustainably has become a strategic question for the economy. This corresponds to our own customers’ needs, and is closely enmeshed with entrepreneurial thinking on the subject of contributing to a more climate-friendly world. We are delighted that in 2019 we were able to convince many new companies at home and abroad with our range of tried-and-tested solutions and newly-developed instruments.»

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myclimate 2019 – operating results

The Foundation’s total income amounted to 27.25 million francs. In 2018, myclimate reported returns of 20.2 million francs. The myclimate business unit Carbon Offsetting contributed 22.96 million francs to the result in 2019. Returns from the other key areas Education and Consulting and Solutions amounted to 2.29 and 1.5 million francs respectively. Offsetting and donations from private individuals, institutions and small businesses via the myclimate web calculator proved to be strong growth drivers in 2019. These increased by 180 percent compared to the previous year. At the end of 2019, the myclimate Climate Protection Portfolio included 125 projects in 37 countries. Thanks to these projects, more than 8.3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions have been avoided since myclimate was founded. The climate protection and education projects have been shown to contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Optimism despite the shadow: Outlook for the 2020 financial year

“The current situation is naturally casting a shadow over our positive results. Even though the final outcomes for our partners are currently not foreseeable, we remain firmly convinced that climate protection will be extremely important in 2020 and beyond. We already have the reliable knowledge and solutions to combat climate change. Seizing the day with courage massively strengthens people’s powers of resistance, but also has the same effect on industry, national economies and the global economy”, Stephen Neff says optimistically of the future.

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